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From their 6 Pack + Snacks size, all the way to their Full Crew size, you've chosen a great cooler that is made in the USA, is durable, and offers a lifetime of excellence.

You've seen Pelican coolers in many stores. It might be confusing to determine which store is an authorized dealer or if there is a more accessible place to buy a Pelican cooler.

I’ve written this article to help with that.

Three Places to Buy Pelican Coolers: 

  • Amazon
  • Pelican.com
  • Retail Stores
The Best-Rated Pelican Cooler for Camping
The 45 QW Elite Wheeled Cooler
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Where to Buy Pelican Coolers



Retail Store


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Return Policy

Free returns from amazon.com

15-day return window



Free with an Amazon Prime membership

Free ground shipping on all orders

N/A or store-specific

Shipping Time

1-2 days

5-10 business days

N/A or store-specific

Retail Stores

Pelican does not have its own retail stores or a flagship store.

Pelican coolers, drinkware, and cases are sold through authorized dealers. You can find an authorized dealer on the company’s website through its store locator

Most of the stores on this list are stocking dealers and custom solutions stores. 

Here’s a quick list of some of these dealers: 

  • CaseTech, Inc. 
  • Engineered Packaging Solutions
  • BOSS Safety Products
  • George B. Woodcock & Co. 
  • Nalpak Group
  • Grainger
  • Color Case
  • Fastenal 
  • The Case Store

Please note that Walmart is not listed on the Pelican website as a dealer. This might mean that Walmart is a 3rd-party seller and might not be covered under the warranty. 

You can also find Pelican coolers in stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and The Home Depot. There is no information on Pelican’s website about these stores. 

When shopping for Pelican products at a retail store, you must follow the policies of that particular store.

So, if you want to return a cooler you bought at Lowe's, you must follow the Lowe's return policy. It's the same with shipping times, free shipping, and customer service. 

The advantage of buying from a retail store is that you can see, touch, and compare the product in person.

Additionally, I like comparing the sizes of coolers before choosing one. 

Amazon vs. pelican.com

When comparing, I looked specifically at the Pelican Store on Amazon instead of 3rd-party dealers.

I compared only hard-sided coolers and did not check soft-sided coolers, cases, or drinkware. 


Pelican offers a limited lifetime warranty and prides itself on offering quality products that last a lifetime.

The warranty does not cover the wheels, rubber feet, drain plug/spigot, gasket, or cooler accessories, nor does it cover color fading.

If these parts break, they will be covered for 90 days from your purchase date. 

A Warranty Submission form on the website must be filled out to claim the warranty. There will be a $20 freight and packaging charge when you make your claim. 

Before clicking through to the claim, you can also request new replacement pieces if something small on your cooler is defective. 

The form includes a spot for Purchase Location; to me, this says that the warranty covers all Pelican purchases, regardless of where they were made, including Amazon. 

Amazon also offers an additional 2-year or 3-year protection plan at an upcharge. 

Return Policy

You can return your order to pelican.com within 15 days of your purchase. When you fill out the return form on the website or call the customer service team, you will receive a return authorization number. It is then on your dime to return the item. 

All returned products must be unused with the original packaging, promotional items, manuals, and other documents.

Any returned products that do not meet the requirements will be rejected and shipped back to you at your cost.   

Pelican does not offer store credit or gift cards for returns. If Pelican sent the wrong item or if your item is broken, you have 30 days to return it. 

Returning to Amazon is straightforward, convenient, and free. 

Prices and Sales

Comparing 1:1 on Amazon to pelican.com, they have the same prices. 

It's possible that Pelican.com and Amazon are not linked in sales. Check both sites before purchasing for sale prices.  

Pelican.com states that it does not price match if you find a better deal elsewhere. 


Pelican.com offers free ground shipping on all orders. 

Pelican asks for 1-5 business days for processing and an additional 1-7 business days for shipping.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number when your order ships. 

Amazon offers free shipping on all orders with an Amazon Prime subscription and next-day shipping. 

Custom Orders

Pelican does not do custom orders, as far as I can tell.

They do, however, offer 21 colors. The catch is that you would need to buy 10 of the same cooler in a unique color.

That's, unfortunately, not an option for the average customer. 

On its website, Pelican offers white, tan, and gray (and sometimes blue and green) for individual purchases. 

Amazon and retail stores carry the same products and color options.

However, you might find one of the unique colors at a store if the owner took advantage of the 10 cooler deal. 

Customer Service

You can contact Pelican’s customer service by filling out an online form or calling them. 

You can contact Pelican using a couple of phone numbers:

For pelican.com online store questions and returns: 844-805-8142

For general inquiries: 310-326-4700 or 800-473-5422

Amazon's customer service can be accessed through a contact-us form and is very difficult to use.

The Best-Rated Pelican Cooler for Camping

The Best-Rated Pelican Cooler for Camping
The 45 QW Elite Wheeled Cooler
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Elite Wheeled Cooler is the perfect cooler to join you on your camping adventures. It has extreme ice retention with 2" of polyurethane insulation and a freezer-grade gasket.

The wheels are heavy-duty and the lid is closed with press and pull latches (which is excellent for gloved use and relatively easy to open and close). 

The cooler boasts a built-in bottle opener, an integrated fish scale on the lid, and a sloped drain for easy cleaning and draining.

It’s quite heavy, but thankfully it has a built-in handle that makes moving it around not too hard. 

In researching this cooler, I found that customers love how strong, sturdy, and practical it is. You can stand on it, sit on it, cut on it, or (accidentally) drop it, and it will still perform great.

It's an ideal size for a family camping trip and holds plenty of food/drinks along with ice.  


Who owns Pelican?

Platinum Equity owns Pelican and was founded in 1976.

Are Pelican coolers better than YETI?

Some customers say yes, Pelican coolers outperform YETI in ice retention. However, Pelican coolers are heavier and bulkier than YETI coolers.

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How long does ice last in a Pelican cooler?

Pelican coolers hold ice for an impressive 10 days. You can improve your chances of 10-day ice retention by doing things like pre-chilling your cooler, using block ice, and pre-freezing your food. 

Where are Pelican coolers made? 

Pelican coolers are made entirely in the USA in Deerfield, Massachusetts. 

Is the Pelican Elite cooler leakproof?

No, if the cooler tips over, it will leak. While the cooler does have a freezer-grade gasket-style lid, it is not intended to seal the cooler.

However, if it’s closed, air and water will not enter your cooler. 

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