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Maybe you've seen the Shibumi Beach Shade at a surf store or going viral on TikTok. The beach shade certainly looks intriguing. But it comes at a staggering price. 

So, you're probably asking, is the Shibumi Beach Shade worth the high price? 

Overall, Yes. The Shibumi Beach Shade has outstanding raving reviews for a reason. People can't get over how easy it is to set up, how lightweight it is, and how well it works.

Let's take a deep look into the details of the Shibumi Beach Shade. 

Shibumi Beach Shade
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What is the Shibumi Beach Shade?

The newest beach rave is the Shibumi Beach Shade. It's a long piece of material with a pole on one side.

The pole bends into a rainbow shape and is put into the ground on each side. The fabric hangs from the pole, and the wind blows the material to create a dome. 

The carry case filled with sand acts as a sandbag. It attaches to the center of the pole with a string. The sandbag acts as the shade's third leg. 

A team of 3 UNC students founded Shibumi in 2015. The shades are sewn and distributed from Virginia. 

Shubumi Beach Shade Details 

Looking at the logistics of the Shubumi Beach Shade, we can determine if it's worth the cost.


Weighing only four pounds in total, the Shibumi Shade is certainly lightweight. It beats dragging along a super heavy umbrella or a bulky beach tent. 


Shibumi claims the shade can be set up in three minutes. However, this shade definitely requires a bit more time. 

You'll start by assembling the pole (like a tent pole) and sliding the fabric over it. Next, secure the shade with the provided velcro straps. 

For it to be secure, you'll need to stack sand up against the legs of the shade. That's no problem. Then you need to fill the carry bag with sand. Again, no problem. 

The problem is with placement. If your shade is not placed well in the wind, it won't work. No wind at all, and the fabric will lay straight down. 

Finding the perfect placement for your shade to get the best wind tunnel effect can be pretty fiddly.

You might even have to move your shade if the wind pattern changes during the day. 


Yes, the Shibumi Beach Shade is secure. If it does fall, it will lay flat down and won't fly away. This is because the sandbag holds the shade in place.

This is great compared to tents that easily fly away and potentially hurt someone. 

Piling the sand up on the poles helps keep the shade secure. 


Shibumi claims that the tent gives 150 square feet of shade. 6 people can comfortably sit under the shade next to each other. 

Easily, this shade provides comfort for two folding chairs and kids playing in the sand. 

Shade is provided only by the wind. So, if there is no wind, there is no shade.

Shibumi Beach Shade

Image by Tom

Cons of the Shibumi Beach Shade

Let's look at the biggest complaints about the Shibumi Beach Shade


There's no denying that the Shibumi Beach Shade is REALLY loud. The fabric flaps in the wind and makes quite a tunnel of noise. 

Once you walk away from the shade a bit, you can't hear it. It's only directly under the fabric that will be noisy. 

This is quite a bummer for people who go to the beach to enjoy the sound of the waves. 


As mentioned before, the placement of the tent can be a pain. However, the tent has to be placed perfectly to get the best coverage possible. 

Positioning and re-positioning can be tedious. 


Some beaches have banned sun shades and tents, especially during prime tourist time. Some beaches claim that shades and tents block the vision of search and rescue.

They also take up so much space on the beach, making it hard for emergency services to get through. 

Specific beaches with this ban are Myrtle and North Myrtle Beach, SC, and Rehoboth and Bethany Beach, DE. 

Check out the BeachBUB Umbrella if your beach has a shade and tent ban.

Lots of beaches have banned the Shibumi Beach Shade in specific. The 7 ft beach shade is deemed too big for some beaches. 

A more affordable and not restricted beach shade option is the Neso Beach Canopy.


The Shibumi Beach Shade is certainly not budget-friendly. That being said, Shibumi does sell a mini shade that is a bit easier on the wallet. 

Lack of Wind

If there is no wind, the sail will not work, and there will be no shade. Likewise, if you're at the beach with a light breeze, and it stops, the sail will fall and hit you in the face. 

Luckily, you only need a wind of 4 mph to make the sail work. So that's quite achievable ocean-side. 

Shibumi Beach Shade at the beach

Image by Tom

Pros of the Shibumi Beach Shade

Enough of the negatives. Now to the positives of this highly-rated beach shade. 


At 4 lbs, it's so easy to carry the Shibumi Beach Shade to your favorite beach spot. It's easy to carry, put in a carriage, or have one of the kids take it to the beach. 

That's quite the benefit when most beach umbrellas are closer to the 15-20 lb mark. I'd much rather carry 4 lbs also! 

Not only is it lightweight, but it packs down pretty small. The sail is easy to get back into the bag and has a different pocket for the pole. 

No Ridgid Structure

Because the Shibumi Beach Shade has no ridged structure, a strong gust of wind can't knock it over or blow it away. 

If the shade collapses from wind (or lack of it), it will fall flat onto the beach. It is held in place by the sandbag. 

Some say the Shibumi works even better in strong winds than in a traditional tent. A tent can easily flip inside out or blow away in strong winds. Whereas a Shibumi Shade will flap harder in the wind! 

Easy Set-Up

One person can absolutely set the shade up by themselves. That means someone can set up the shade while another can watch the kids. 

Likewise, this shade is so easy to set up that kids can do it for you! 


It's so tall! 7 ft is excellent, and most people can comfortably stand upright underneath the shade. 

That beats ducking into a cramped beach tent any day. 

Beyond that, its shade is a good size and can comfortably fit a family. 

UPF Protection

The shade comes with UPF 30+ sun protection. While that doesn't replace your sunblock, it will let you take your sunhat off for a bit. 

Also, people love that it is noticeably cooler under the shade. 

Shibumi Beach Shade Alternatives


How Long has Shibumi Been in Business? 

The first Shibumi Shades were sold in 2016. 

Can You Leave a Shade Sail Up All Year?

Shade sails can be left up for an extended amount of time. However, they are not rated for snow. Snow and ice will damage your shade sail. 

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