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Welcome to TheCamperLifestyle, where outdoor enthusiasts come together! 

Have you ever searched the internet for a piece of camping equipment, only to discover that you are left even more confused about which one to select?

Alternatively, have you ever purchased gear that you believed was ideal, only to be left disappointed several days later? I completely understand—we’ve all been there! 

With a plethora of camping gear to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed nowadays, especially if you are new to camping.

Fortunately, here at TheCamperLifestyle, we aim to make that process easier for those who are seeking the camping gear that is best-suited for any given need. We also write in-depth articles, including “how-to" articles, to ensure that all of our readers have access to high-quality camping-related information.

We want you to enjoy more time outdoors and less time scouring the internet for camping gear. Moreover, we want you to find precisely what you're looking for, without needless concern or confusion!

TheCamperLifestyle blog is written and created by camping enthusiasts who live and breathe the great outdoors and are true experts in their respective fields. This means that our readers receive advice and recommendations from true aficionados who are not only living encyclopedias of camping information, but also who experience the wonders of camping on a daily basis. 

There are several steps involved in the editorial process for each blog post before it is published to guarantee that all information is 100% accurate. We accept nothing less than the absolute best when it comes to serving our readers. Needless to say, we stand with pride behind our work. 


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Niels Joensen

Disconnecting myself from day-to-day stress and heading up the mountains, going for a hike, or getting lost in the woods is what I believe to be the best meditation for the human soul. At least for me, it is!

My name is Niels Joensen and I’m the Founder and CEO of TheCamperLifestyle.

My passion for the outdoors has always been an integral part of my life. When I’m outside enjoying nature, I find peace. In fact, it is in these moments that I feel most alive. 

I was first introduced to the outdoors at a very young age. My parents were outdoorsy people who regularly took me and my siblings along on camping adventures. I remember vividly the family nights spent around the campfire, the smell of roasted hot dogs, the fresh air, and the sounds of wildlife. Good old times! I was hooked from day one. 

As I grew older, I continued to explore the outdoors, and still do to this day. Disconnecting myself from day-to-day stress and heading up the mountains, going for a hike, or getting lost in the woods is what I believe to be the best meditation for the human soul. At least for me, it is! 

I try to spend as much time outdoors as I possibly can. Unfortunately, we are all human, and sometimes life gets in the way. However, time spent in nature is vital for my soul; it’s like an addiction that I can’t go long without.

When I’m not outdoors, I’m either working at the office or enjoying quality time with family and friends.

If you would like to know more about me or TheCamperLifestyle, hit me up on Facebook, and let’s talk! You can find me here.

Rachel Horne - Writer for the camper lifestyle

Rachel Horne

Rachel Horne is one of our regular contributors. She is an experienced wild camper and thru-hiker who loves nothing better than getting lost in the mountains for months at a time.

Rachel Horne Story

Rachel Horne is one of our regular contributors. She is an experienced wild camper and thru-hiker who loves nothing better than getting lost in the mountains for months at a time. You can learn more about her adventures in this profile. 

I grew up in the rolling green hills of England, but I didn’t get serious about hiking and wild camping until my early twenties. 

I was working in end-of-life and dementia care at the time, and working so closely with people at the end of their lives made me reassess what really mattered to me. Without much of a plan, I quit my job and gave away my possessions. 

I spent three months wild camping in Scotland, with a budget of $4 a day and plenty of boiled seaweed to keep the hunger pangs at bay! The experience changed my whole outlook on life, and I now spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. 

Last year, my husband and I converted a Peugeot Boxer van into an off-grid camping vehicle. We use this to explore the National Parks and hidden backroads of Europe. Of course, our camping tent is stored under the bed, so we can park up at trailheads and disappear into the mountains whenever we need to!

We are off-grid in our 5-square-meter van, with solar panels for our electrical needs, a water filter, a solar shower, and even a toilet. When I’m not swimming in the lakes and rivers of Europe or hiking in the mountains, I work as a freelance writer in the world of sustainable travel and outdoors. 

The principles of Leave No Trace are very important to me, both when camping and at home. I forage for food whenever I can, and I make a conscious effort to reduce the plastic and chemicals I consume in all aspects of life. 

I love wild camping because it helps me reconnect with nature, and that connection makes it even more important to me to take good care of the earth. We can’t choose the world that we are born into, but we can choose how we interact with the world we are given. 

For me, that includes buying the best kit that I can afford. It is better for the planet and my wallet to buy the best piece of kit only once rather than to buy a cheaper piece every time the previous one lets me down. 

That doesn’t mean you have to bankrupt yourself on expedition-quality kit, though! My two-person Hillman tent was a bargain, and it has kept me safe and dry on expeditions all over the world, including Icelandic summer storms and the famous Scottish rain.

I hope you have many amazing trips in the great outdoors. Stay safe, and maybe I’ll see you on the trail one of these days!

You can learn more about her adventures in this profile.

Gaby - Writer for The Camper Lifestyle


Gaby is a professional outdoor educator, guide, and wilderness medicine instructor. She holds a master's degree in outdoor education and spends most of her time hanging out with penguins and polar bears in the polar region. When she's not outdoors, you can find her traveling, reading Nietzsche, and drinking copious double espressos.

Gaby Story

Over the last decade or so, I’ve spent much of my time living, working, and enjoying the great outdoors. However, it wasn’t always this way.

Although I’ve always loved spending time outside, I wasn’t formally introduced to the world of outdoor adventure until early high school. Around that time, I experienced a string of injuries that cut short my budding ice hockey goaltending career, so I hung up my skates and picked up a set of ice tools to start my journey in the vertical world.

Throughout high school and university, I spent every free moment hiking, camping, climbing, sailing, paddling, or skiing. Not long after, I landed my first job working in outdoor retail, which gave me plenty of opportunities to nerd out on the minutiae and finer points of outdoor gear.

Needless to say, this first job in the outdoor industry turned me into a major gear geek and I was instantly hooked on the idea of making a life for myself outside. After spending a few years working in outdoor retail in high school and university, I transitioned to working as a climbing and mountaineering guide in Alaska during the summer months.

At the same time, I worked toward developing my skills in the outdoors, earning a number of certifications with the American Mountain Guides Association, the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education, the Royal Yachting Association, and Leave No Trace.

Eventually, I also became a wilderness medicine instructor and started working as a field instructor for several expedition-based outdoor education companies in the United States and abroad.

Due to my natural geekiness, I soon sought opportunities to learn more about the world of outdoor education. This led me to complete a master’s degree in outdoor education at the University of Edinburgh.

Since then, I’ve spent a number of seasons working both in the United States as an outdoor education instructor and in the Arctic and the Antarctic as an expedition guide, helping people learn more about the natural environment as they experience some of the most beautiful locations on earth. When I’m not working, you can find me traveling or adventuring whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Above all, the uniting theme throughout my professional life has been education. Whether I’m working as a nature guide or as a writer, my goal is to help as many people as possible get outside in a safe and responsible way by providing helpful, accessible, and reliable information for all to enjoy.