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Jetboil stoves are popular among campers and hikers for their light weight and intense heat. They can boil water faster than any other consumer camping stove. 

However, after looking at their website, you might think that you can use only Jetboil branded fuel. Not so!

Jetboil stoves can use many other companies’ fuel canisters that employ the same valve type, like MSR, Primus, Snowpeak, and more.

Read on for more tips, tricks, and answers about Jetboil stoves and fuel.

11 Common Asked Questions About Jet Boil Fuel

Are Jetboil Fuel Canisters Refillable?

You can refill Jetboil fuel canisters, but it’s difficult and risky.

Refilling your Jetboil canister will be cheaper than buying a new one, but they’re not meant to be refilled. 

Refilling a Jetboil canister involves specialized tools and techniques. Some guides online will show you how, but having never done it myself, I can’t guarantee anything.

Using a JetBoil outdoors

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Can You Use Any Fuel With Jetboil?

You can use any fuel canister with an EN417 valve.

The following companies use this valve:

  • Brunton
  • Gigapower
  • MSR
  • Primus
  • Snowpeak

Jetboil doesn’t guarantee that anything but official Jetboil fuel will work, but if you use one of these companies’ fuels, you’ll be fine.

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Jetboil Jetpower Fuel, 230 Grams
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How Long Does Jetboil Fuel Last?

It depends on how many meals you plan to make and how much heat those meals will require. 

A good rule of thumb is to budget 25g of fuel per day. 

However, as my scouter used to say: Be prepared. Always take more fuel than you think you’ll need, especially if it’ll be cold or if you’re going into the backcountry.

  • A 100g Jetboil canister should last between 3 to 5 days of normal use.
  • A 230g Jetboil canister should last between 7 to 10 days of normal use.
  • A 450g Jetboil canister should last between 14 to 21 days of normal use.

Does Jetboil Fuel Expire?

Jetboil fuel won’t expire, but the canister itself can deteriorate if left for a long time. 

The fuel inside camping stove canisters won’t expire, as the canisters are airtight. 

However, the canisters are made of metal, meaning they can rust.

Also, the valve seal can fall apart if left for a very long time or in poor conditions. 

How Much Does a Jetboil Fuel Canister Weigh?

100g Jetboil fuel

  • An empty 100g Jetboil canister weighs 99g.
  • A full 100g Jetboil canister weighs 199g.

230g Jetboil fuel

  • An empty 230g Jetboil canister weighs 126g.
  • A full 230g Jetboil canister weighs 356g.

450g Jetboil fuel

  • An empty 450g Jetboil canister weighs 215g.
  • A full 450g Jetboil canister weighs 665g.

Is Jetboil Fuel-Efficient?

Yes, the Jetboil system is more fuel-efficient than many other stoves.

Jetboil uses its reputation for fuel efficiency to justify its higher prices and heavier weights compared to other camping stoves.

The company notes that, with Jetboil, you can save money in the long run because you won’t have to spend as much on fuel.

Also, you won’t have to bring as much fuel with you, saving precious grams in your pack.

Jetboil claims that its stoves can be more than twice as fuel-efficient as other companies’, boasting that a Jetboil stove will boil as much water with a 100g canister as competitors’ stoves can with 227g canisters. 

Many people have run independent tests and found that, although other stoves are cheaper and lighter, Jetboil is the most fuel-efficient way (besides fire) to heat food and water on the trail.

Jetboil Flash Backpacking Stove
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Does Jetboil Come With Fuel?

No. Jetboil stoves and cooking systems aren’t sold with fuel. 

You can buy Jetboil fuel separately on the company’s website or at many outdoor stores.


Image by: rodney wills

How to Tell How Much Fuel Is Left in a Jetboil Canister

You can use a scale or water to determine how much fuel is left in any camping stove fuel canister. 

Use a Scale

  • Weigh your canister.
  • Subtract that number from the weight of a full canister, listed above.
  • That’s how many grams of fuel you have.

Use Water

If you have an empty fuel canister, a full fuel canister, a pen, and a pot of water, you can determine how much fuel is left in a partially used canister that’s about the same size as the other two.

  • Get a pot big enough to hold the canister inside.
  • Fill it halfway with water.
  • Put in a full fuel canister so that it floats upright.
  • Mark where the water comes up to on the canister.
  • Put in an empty canister and do the same.
  • Mark both those levels on your partially used canister.
  • Put your partially used canister in the water.
  • Mark where the water reaches to estimate how much fuel is left.

The Expert Method

Once you’ve been using canister fuels for a while, you’ll be able to “eyeball” the amount by feeling the weight in your hand and giving the canister a gentle shake (results may vary).

How Much Fuel Does My Jetboil Need?

  • If you’re going for a one- or two-night trip, you’ll need only the smallest 100g Jetboil canister.
  • If your trip is a week or so, you should take a 230g canister.
  • If you’re embarking on a multi-week trip, you should take either a 450g Jetboil canister or multiple smaller canisters.

See above for estimates of how long each size of Jetboil canister will last on normal trips.

How Do You Store Jetboil Fuel?

Always store your fuel in a cool, dry place.

This minimizes the risk of damage to the canister due to rust or heat, which can cause it to explode.

Cooking with a JetBoil

How Much Fuel Does Jetboil Use?

Jetboil MiniMo

  • Boils half a liter of water in 2 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Boils 12 liters of water per 100g fuel canister

Jetboil Flash

  • Boils half a liter of water in 1 minute and 40 seconds
  • Boils 10 liters of water per 100g fuel canister

Jetboil Stash

  • Boils half a liter of water in 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Boils 12 liters of water per 100g fuel canister

Jetboil MightyMo

  • Boils 1 liter of water in 3 minutes
  • Boils 12 liters of water per 100g fuel canister

Jetboil HalfGen

  • Boils 1 liter of water in 3 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Boils 48 liters of water per 1 lb propane bottle

Jetboil Genesis

  • Boils 1 liter of water in 3 minutes and 15 seconds
  • Boils 48 liters of water per 1 lb propane bottle

Final Thoughts

Jetboil stoves are a great investment if you’re looking for a simple, fast way to boil water while camping

They’re not the lightest stoves around, but their lightest models certainly won’t break your back on a hiking trip. 

Just be sure to store your fuel correctly and take enough for your trip. If you do, you’ll be enjoying hot coffee in the great outdoors in no time.

I hope I have answered some of your questions about jet boil fuel.

Happy camping!

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