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Jetboil ticks the boxes for the fuel needs of most backpacking and camping enthusiasts. It's the gold standard for camping stove fuel.

I'm also a huge fan of Jetboil fuel, primarily because of its reliability, cold-weather performance, ease of use, and longevity.

But a huge issue with Jetboil fuel is that it's expensive and sometimes doesn't fit the standard camping stoves.

The good news is you don't always have to settle for Jetboil fuel. There're numerous fuel alternatives that are as good or even better than Jetboil fuel.

My favorite Jetboil fuel alternative is the Coleman Butane Propane Fuel. Stick around to find out why it's my go-to fuel.

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Best Jetboil Fuel Alternatives

Best Jetboil Fuel Alternative
Coleman Propane Fuel
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Coleman Propane Fuel

The best Jetboil Fuel alternative is Coleman. And what can I say? It lives up to its brand name and reputation.

It's a crowd favorite and the fuel that I use for my camping stoves. I like it because it is cheaper, and has an efficient performance.

The best possible praise, however, is that it does what it's supposed to and will hold pressure forever, so it'll work when you need it to. 

I'm also impressed with the Coleman Propane fuel composition. The 60% butane and 40% propane mixture make it a terrific substitute for Jetpower.

The fuel mixture is perfect for cold-weather use. You shouldn't have difficulty keeping warm in your tent or preparing hot coffee in high-altitude, primitive cold-camping situations.

Another perk of the Coleman fuel blend is its longevity. It consumes less gas, and if you know how to use it and don't waste fuel, it'll last longer than it should.

Compatibility is also a key selling point of the Coleman propane fuel. All kinds of stoves and equipment use these, so it's a great buy. 

For example, it works well with my Kovea Vulcan stove and my new Cuisinart grill. You shouldn't have a problem using it with your Jetboil stove, either. It fires right up, providing a nice, even flame.

It's not to mention that these canisters are available across the US thanks to the brand's popularity. So you shouldn't have trouble finding a refill or replacement, even in the most remote locations.

Coleman Propane Fuel isn't the cheapest, though, but still more wallet-friendly than Jetpower.

It's an incredible alternative and is available in different sizes.

Great Jetboil Fuel Alternative for Backpackers
MSR IsoPro Fuel Canister
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MSR IsoPro Fuel Canister

MSR IsoPro Fuel canister is a must-have for backpackers. It's reliable, easy to use, and works like a champ.

Plus, it is the same size as my old Jetpower isobutane/propane fuel mix, so it works well with Jetboil and other camping stoves fuel canisters.

The colorless MSR IsoPro gas, consisting of 80% isobutane and 20% propane, is fantastic and provides a clean burn. I've not had any problems igniting this; it has been my winter blend for the year.

It also works as expected, with no issues. It never fails, and I've never had it clog up my stove. The isobutane is easy to use and does the trick, while the butane boosts its ability to last longer.

While the fuel is considered perfect for backpacking, it's also economical for van camping. It lights easily and heats food/water quickly.

Another nice thing about IsoPro gas, and MSR canisters in general, is they have directions on the side to gauge the amount of fuel left in the canister.

The thread/protector cap is also a nice perk, especially when you're fumbling over your gas canister in the dark over the rocks. It's the little things that count.

MSR IsoPro gas is also much cheaper than Jetpower and available in different sizes. It's a foolproof fuel and a hard-to-beat option. I recommend it!

Best Value Option
GasOne Camping Stove Blend Fuel
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GasOne Camping Stove Blend Fuel 

I bought the GasOne Camping stove fuel to replace my Jetboil, and it works great. It also costs almost half Jetboil fuel, but it works just as well.

GasOne Camping stove fuel is also compatible with almost any backpacking stove that uses isobutane as a fuel source. You can also pair it with any burner or heating equipment with a screw-on style.

Performance-wise, GasOne Camping stove fuel utilizes a blend of butane and propane, just like JetPower.

Its premium fuel blend allows it to work in all elements and heights, including sub-zero and hot, humid environments. It ignites and burns flawlessly in every cooking activity imaginable, and I like the consistent flame.

It boils water in minutes and is the best way to make a quick cup of coffee in the morning without starting a whole campfire.

The GasOne Camping canisters are the size of your palm (pretty small), and it's easy to get skeptical about the amount of gas. 

However, for the size, it's enough for what most solo backpackers need and will last 10-12 meals.

It's also very convenient, lightweight, and perfect for backpackers with limited gear space. The nice little sack to store it is a nice perk.

Regarding the size, GasOne is available in different canister sizes. The smallest size, the 4 oz, is the perfect size for short trips when you don't need a lot of fuel and are concerned about the weight.

GasOne's price is also phenomenal compared to JetPower.

Budget Pick
Snow Peak Gigapower Fuel
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Snow Peak Gigapower Fuel

The Snow Peak Gigapower fuel is the perfect size for the ultimate budget backpacking cook set. As of writing, it's arguably the cheapest option on the list and the ideal Jetboil alternative for those on a budget.

However, Snow Peak Gigapower is far from flimsy, even with a friendly price. It packs a punch and works like a clock.

The 85% isobutane and 15% propane are a premium mix and perfect for all-season outdoor use. It can adapt and function in any weather conditions, including cold, high-altitude conditions.

In addition, the mixture provides a steady flame and will get your water boiling in a few. It'll even allow you to prepare your favorite dish, even when the fuel levels are low.

To top it off, Snow Peak Gigapower fuel comes in an ultra-light, compact and easy-to-carry canister, making it perfect for long adventure getaways.

It's also available in two different sizes.

Jetboil stove

Alternative Brands That Are Compatible With A Jetboil Stove

Jetpower or Jetboil fuel is usually the go-to camp stove for most backpackers. 

However, Jetpower canisters aren't always easy to come in some places. They are also expensive.

Fortunately, there're other brands or canisters compatible with Jetboil stoves.

The most important element to consider when selecting a Jetboil brand alternative is the nozzle type in a canister.

Before considering the fuel type or anything, you must ensure the nozzle in your Jetboil alternative is structurally compatible with a Jetboil stove.

Jetboil canisters use a specific EN417 nozzle. It's a European standard for non-refillable metallic cartridges and is common in most canisters. 

Finding a brand using the EN417 nozzle in their canisters isn't difficult.

Along with JetBoil, other brands that use the EN417 nozzle in their canister and are compatible with JetBoil are:

  • Coleman
  • MSR
  • GasOne
  • Primus Power Winter gas
  • GigaPower
  • Brunton

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