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With a sleek integrated design, name recognition, and trendy advertising, it's easy to see why Jetboil is so popular.

Performance-wise, Jetboil boils a little faster, but I've always considered boil time a silly metric- after all, what's the big rush? 

My Pocket Rocket, for example, boils two cups, like 30 seconds slower, and I've never had any issues.

Weight, reliability, and ease of use are much more important to me in a camping stove. The Jetboil stoves are far too heavy and voluminous for my liking.

There are lighter and easy-to-use Jetboil alternatives out there. 

The MSR Pocket Rocket is my personal favorite. It ticks most of Jetboil's boxes and does more.

Here's my review and personal experience with other camp stoves, which I consider great Jetboil alternatives.

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Best Jetboil Alternative
Most Wind Resistant Jetboil Alternative
Most Versatile Jetboil Alternative
Most Easy to Use Jetboil Alternative
Most Wind Resistant Jetboil Alternative
Most Versatile Jetboil Alternative
Most Easy to Use Jetboil Alternative
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The 4 Best Jetboil Alternatives

Best Jetboil Alternative
MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove
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MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove

The MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove I what I'm currently traveling with and cooking on when I camp out.

A big selling point of this camp stove is the solid construction. Investing in durability is key as many knockoffs are available for a fraction of the cost, but they will likely fail you off-grid.

The lightweight and compact MSR's design is a nice perk. It packs up very small, folds up to nothing, and hardly takes up space for your camping gear. The middle-of-the-road weight also makes the PocketRocket an excellent solution for backpackers.

Performance-wise, the power of the PocketRocket is beyond impressive. It has cut down my boil times, and it's easy to see where it gets the name "pocket rocket."

The stove is also perfect for long-term use and for creating elaborate camping meals. I love that it allows me to adjust the flame to bring my coffee water to a boil or simmer a delicious spaghetti sauce.

A handy in-built wind clip shields the flame, and you shouldn't have issues preparing your meal in breezy conditions.

The MSR PocketRoket is also compatible with all screw-type isobutane canisters. So you shouldn't have a problem refilling it in most places worldwide.

Overall, the PocketRocket 2 is everything backpackers need and nothing they don't. It's my favorite backpacking stove.

But for an extra dig in the pocket, you could get the PocketRocket Deluxe, a souped version of the PocketRocket 2. It weighs a few extra pounds but includes a regulator and push-start igniter. Tak of convenience!

Most Wind Resistant Jetboil Alternative
SOTO WindMaster
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SOTO WindMaster

Our second Jetboil alternative is aptly named wind master, and it is for a reason. It's the most wind-resistant stove I've tested.

It has a unique flame expulsion point consisting of a recessed burner. It's a take-off from the traditional convex cone or dome shape burners most camp stoves come with.

The recessed burner acts like a built-in windscreen and provides superior wind-shield performance, so the wind can't put out the flame. 

It also allows the pot to sit closer to the burner head, improving overall efficiency.

Soto Windmaster is also versatile in terms of the pots it can accommodate. The clip-on 4-arm support and flat stand with teeth can support anything from solo to group-sized pots.

Another positive thing about the Soto Windmaster is the simmer control. It has unreal levels of flame throttling, meaning it doesn't go from zero to full blast in turn. 

Instead, the flame intensity is gradual and more fine-tuned, and you get more control over the flame strength.

It can simmer and boil wicked fast, and if you want to do some cooking, this, without a doubt, is the stove I would bring. It's the ideal solution for all your camping cooking needs.

The camping stove is available with or without a piezo igniter, but you must bring matches as the lighter isn't full-proof.

Soto Windmaster is definitely a plus for ultra-light backpacking and camping, especially from the flame control standpoint. The weight is also manageable, while the price is reasonable.

Most Versatile Jetboil Alternative
MSR WhisperLite Universal
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MSR Whisperlite Universal

If you often camp in remote locations, especially outside North America, where fuel options are limited, you can't go wrong with the MSR Whisperlite Universal.

This stove is the real definition of versatility as it burns nearly any fuel, including white gas, kerosene, isobutane-propane, and unleaded gasoline.

Whisperlite Universal is my four-season favorite stove. I purchased it for cooking in cold weather and at higher altitudes.

While performance partly depends on fuel choice, Whisperlite Universal generally boils water quickly and can simmer at a very low flame.

Simmering is possible with all fuel types, and I made everything from delicately scrambled eggs to fluffy pancakes.

I also didn't have a hard time balancing a pot on it; using it is a breeze. 

The best part is it makes it easy for you to use a windscreen, regardless of the fuel used.

Other handy accessories packaged in Whisperlite Universal include a heat reflector and small parts kits.

My biggest concern with the Whisperlite Universal is the weight. At 13.7 pounds, it's not the lightest camp stove on the market. 

But, if you only want to boil water quickly and carry a super light pack, there are other options at about half the weight.

However, the versatility makes up for that, and I consider it light for what it does.

Most Easy to Use Jetboil Alternative
Snow Peak GigaPower Stove 2.0
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Snow Peak GigaPower 2.0

My final Jetboil alternative, the Snow Peak GigaPower 2.0, is a classic heavyweight contender. It's a solid and performance-oriented cam stove, sold next to nothing.

Cost aside, some key elements that make the Snow Peak GigaPower 2.0 stand out are design, durability, and ease of use.

This stove is flexible enough to simmer, boil water, and cook a meal. It checks on all the performance boxes. The GigaPower's simmering performance, in particular, is exceptional, thanks to the low flame capability and unique burner head.

Using the Snow Peak GigaPower 2.0 is easy s 1,2,3 and probably the most beginner-friendly Jetboil alternative I've come across.

For example, the temperature control on this camp stove is insanely intuitive. This is perfect for campers who want to do gourmet cooking and everything else in between.

Also, the four-pot supports and wide diameter make the stove compatible with various cookpots. 

At the same time, the built-in piezo ignition system allows for matchless ignition. However, it's still important to always bring backup fire.

The size and weight are similarly appealing and quite beneficial for backpackers. Of course, it's not the smallest stove available, and there are more compact stoves, but overall, it does just fine.

An additional windscreen is a nice perk, helping to improve the performance and efficiency of the stove. 

It also comes with a complete protective case for easy and efficient storage.

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