propane tanks

How to Return Your Empty Propane Tanks for Cash

If you are a propane tank user, whether for a gas grill or a camper, you should be aware of the proper way to dispose of the tank. If a

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Woman and her pet bird in a cage outside

Camping With Birds: How to Take Your Pet Birds Camping

So, you’re going camping, but you don’t want to leave your pet bird — or birds — at home.However, you’re also worried that if you take your birds camping, they’ll

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Friends sitting around bonfire while camping

How to Plan the Perfect Camping Trip with Your Friends in 2022

When you are camping in the wilderness, you rely on what you bring with you…so why not bring your best friends?All of my favorite camping trips were special not because

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Backpacking tent in the wild

Understanding Tent Weight – Packed Weight Vs Trail Weight

How much does a tent weigh? The weight of a tent can vary greatly. Contrary to what you might have been told, lighter isn’t always better.It all depends on:The climate you

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Two men pitching a large Coleman camping tent outdoor close to the lake

What to Pay for a Decent Tent – Expensive Tents Vs Cheap Tents

Exactly how much should you spend on a tent?Entry-level tents for car camping can cost anywhere from $100-$300, more technical models made for backpacking and mountaineering can cost upwards of

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Ozark Trail 4P Dome Tent

Ozark Trail Tents: 12 Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Ozark Trail is the brand that Walmart sells tents under.Walmart has built its reputation on quantity—and not necessarily quality—at low prices, so it’s reasonable to have questions about what you

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Using a JetBoil outdoors

JetBoil Fuel: 11 Answers You Should Know About JetBoil Fuel

Jetboil stoves are popular among campers and hikers for their light weight and intense heat. They can boil water faster than any other consumer camping stove. However, after looking at their

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25 Awesome Campsite & Tent Lighting Ideas 2022

It’s always fun to arrive at a campsite, set up the tent, and frolic in the sunshine of the day. But, if you’ve ever been out in the woods, you

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Stone fire pit

Fire Pit Under Gazebo, Pergola, Patio & Canopy Safety Guide

A backyard fire pit is the perfect way to bring a taste of the great outdoors to everyday hangouts. But what if you want to enjoy a cozy flame while

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Woman winter camping

15 Easy Ways to Insulate Your Tent for Winter Camping

You may be wondering if winter camping is an option. The simple answer is, yes! There are easy ways to insulate your tent from the cold to make the experience

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Green camping tent with waterproof materials

What Are Tents Made Of? List Of Tent Material (Explained)

Choosing the right tent fabric can seem overwhelming. There are many different types, which is why some tents feel like they weigh a million pounds while others pack up smaller

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French toast in a campfire

10 Easy Ways to Make Toast While Camping

Do you want to make perfect toast on your next camping trip? If so, you’ve come to the right place! You’re going camping, but you don’t feel like eating soggy instant

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