A couple setting up a tent

How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Tent? (Tips for Quicker Set Up)

If you're new to camping, specifically tent camping, you might wonder how long it takes to set up a tent.In this article, I'll discuss how long it takes to set

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Coleman tents up in the mountains

Are Coleman Tents Good in 2023? (My Personal Experience)

The name Coleman immediately calls to mind images of campfires, nature, backpacking, marshmallows, and generally anything to do with outdoor living.It has a storied history and has been producing quality

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Vango tent

Are Vango Tents Good? – My Experience With Vango Tents

If you're searching for a new tent brand, I'm guessing you've considered Vango tents.It's among the leading tent manufacturer, and they usually set their standards high regarding the quality of

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Cooking with a camping stove

Bernzomatic Vs. Coleman Propane – Which Is Better?

The market is filled with different camping fuel cylinders, but the blue Bernzomatic and the green camping gas or Coleman are two of the most popular options.From a superficial view,

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Mr. Buddy Heater

How to Safely Use Mr. Buddy Heater Inside Your Tent

I often use Mr. Buddy for heating, and it's nice to have it in below-freezing temps.While the heater eats propane like a mother, it works and is worth the weight

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Jetboil stove

Jetboil Fuel Alternatives – Fuel That I Use in My Jetboil

Jetboil ticks the boxes for the fuel needs of most backpacking and camping enthusiasts. It's the gold standard for camping stove fuel.I'm also a huge fan of Jetboil fuel, primarily

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Jetboil stove

Jetboil Alternatives – Cheaper, But Just as Good as Jetboil

With a sleek integrated design, name recognition, and trendy advertising, it's easy to see why Jetboil is so popular.Performance-wise, Jetboil boils a little faster, but I've always considered boil time

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Yeti cooler

How to Make Ice Last Longer in a Yeti Cooler – Simple Hacks

Yeti is an established name in the cooler industry for good reasons. Their coolers usually tick all the boxes for the best camping coolers.Even then, the biggest challenge when using

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A guy sitting in his tent preparing food during a cold weather camping trip

15 Tent Heating Ideas That Work & Are Amazingly Simple

I absolutely love cold weather camping. Recently, I ventured off into the woods with my husband, four-month-old, and dog. Our coldest night got down to 40℉. I know that's not all that

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Propane tank connected to heater

How to Safely Use a Propane Heater Inside Your Tent

Camping in cold weather can be tricky, uncomfortable, and downright dangerous if you’re not prepared. There are quite a few ways to keep yourself toasty warm in your tent on

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fire pit

How to Safely Use a Portable Fire Pit on Grass

You might have just acquired a new portable fire pit. If so, congrats! But now what? Where can you put your portable fire pit? If you’re camping somewhere that allows fires

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Waterproof tent in the forest

Are Tents Waterproof? Tents Waterproofing Explained

A camping tent is designed to keep you warm and dry when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. However, anyone who has spent time outside and has experienced the steady

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