Man using camping lighter to start a fire in the woods

10 Best Camping Lighters of 2021 Review & Buyer’s Guide

Rachel 20 Jul Best Camping Lighters of 2021 - Review & Buyer’s Guide Camping lighters must perform regardless of the weather. Ideally, they should be waterproof, windproof, and lightweight. It’s

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Naturehike cloud up 2 tent

Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Tent Review (An In-Depth Review)

The Cloud Up 2 is an affordable two-person backpacking tent made by Naturehike. It is a slightly bigger (and heavier) version of the Cloud Up 1, which was designed for solo

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camping mess kit

Best Mess Kits for Camping & Backpacking – Expert Review

A decent mess kit will make your next camping trip a lot easier to pack for. Instead of fussing over what kit to bring, you can grab your camping set

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Hiker holding a camping shovel

Best Camping Shovels – All Great for Different Situations (2021)

Best Camping Shovels of 2021 - Review & Buying Guide Best Camping Shovels of 2021 - Review & Buying Guide Rachel - 5/7 Best Camping Shovels of 2021 - Review

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Camping fire pit

5 Best Camping Fire Pits 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Nothing beats sitting around the campfire beneath the open sky. Whether you’re melting marshmallows, sizzling sausages, or just relaxing with a cold beer, a campfire makes any outdoor evening so

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Camping coffee percolator on a campfire

7 Best Camping Percolators 2021 & Alternatives (Expert Review)

Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee beneath the open sky.  When it comes to camping, instant coffee just won’t do. You want to get a proper coffee maker like

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Camping cooler Ice pack

The Best Ice Packs for Coolers – Expert Review & Buyer’s Guide

If you want to help your cooler do its job, you’ll need some decent ice packs.  I’m definitely a minimal camper, so I avoid buying things I don’t really need.

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Preparing breakfast on a camping trip with on camping kitchen

8 Best Camping Kitchens for 2021 – Expert Review & Buyer’s Guide

Camping kitchens will make your next outdoor adventure a lot more comfortable. I used to use a small camping stove on the floor, but it was so annoying having to balance

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Camping in Lake District in wet and windy weather

Best Waterproof Tents of 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Insert Image Camping in rainy weather can be a lot of fun, but only if you have a decent tent! If you aren’t careful, you’re going to wake up with

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Stargazing with a camping tent with clear top

17 of the Best Tents for Stargazing – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Image by Stefan Klauke There’s truly nothing better than lying on your back and gazing up at the night sky. Until the bugs start eating you alive and your body

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Campsite with hanging camping string lights at night

14 Best Camping String Lights to Illuminate Your Campsite in 2021

Image by Mark NielsenAn exciting part of camping is building a temporary home away from home in nature. You can easily find a peaceful site with beautiful views while camping, but

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Camping in a tent that's perfect for tall people

15 Best Tents For Tall People – Tents Built With Tall People In Mind

Fact: Being tall isn’t always easy. Sure, being tall means that you always get a perfect view of the stage at concerts, but it also means that some pieces of clothing

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