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Fact: Being tall isn’t always easy. 

Sure, being tall means that you always get a perfect view of the stage at concerts, but it also means that some pieces of clothing and gear just don’t fit. 

Plus, when it comes to the world of outdoor adventure, gear manufacturers simply don’t craft tents with tall campers in mind. That means you often suffer through many sleepless night in a tiny, cramped shelter.

The good news is that I'm here to help. I want you to be able to stretch out in your tent to catch some Zzs at the end of a long day hiking. 

I walk you through 15 of the best tents for tall people in 2023, so you can get the perfect tent for all your camping needs.

Best Tents for Tall People - My Top 5 Picks

The next five tents are my top overall picks. Afterward, I have dedicated specific sections to family and backpacking tents.

Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

Best Choice
TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent
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11/14/2023 09:39 pm GMT

This isn’t the first time that the Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent has featured as our top choice, and it probably won’t be the last!

This top-quality tent is brilliant in both hot and cold weather, and the 10 person option has an impressive peak height of 8 ft and 2 inches. 

With a circumference of 12 ft, you won’t have any trouble spreading out when it’s time to go to sleep. Canvas tents are strong and breathable, and they last for many years if you take care of them.

Of course, this quality comes at a price. 

Height / Length:

  • Peak Height - 8 ft and 2 inches
  • Inner Length - 12 ft


  • Plenty of standing room 
  • Loads of floor space
  • High-quality all-weather canvas
  • Heavy-duty floor
  • Reinforced seams 
  • Vents and windows to reduce condensation 
  • Breathable 
  • Easy to set up 


  • Heavy (55.5 pounds)
  • Expensive

Hiker Garden 6 Person Camping Tent

Budget Pick
HIKERGARDEN 6 Person Camping Tent
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If you’re looking for something more affordable, the Hiker Garden 6 Person Camping Tent is an excellent balance between quality and price.

I chose it as my best Budget Pick due to the low price point and consistently high user reviews. Although it’s officially a 6 person tent, you will probably find it more comfortable with a maximum of 4 people. 

The tent is spacious, with a center height of 6 ft and 4 inches and a relatively flat roof, making for plenty of standing room. This Hiker Garden tent is easy to put up and has a mesh roof window for stargazing on clear nights. 

It is perfect for camping in warm and dry seasons, but won’t hold up well in heavy rain. 

Height / Length:

  • Peak Height - 6 ft and 4 inches
  • Interior Length - 10 ft


  • Easy to put up (color-coded poles)
  • Spacious
  • Stargazing windows
  • Reinforced steel poles 
  • Electrical port 


  • Not the best for wet and windy weather - keep for summer camping!

Forceatt Ultralight Tent 

Best For Backpacking
Forceatt Ultralight Tent
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11/17/2023 03:02 am GMT

You can forget about standing up in a backpacking tent, but the Forceatt Ultralight Tent should be long enough for most tall people to sleep in comfortably.

This lightweight tent comes in at just 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilograms) and is suitable for up to 2 people, so long as you’re comfortable getting in each other’s personal space. 

This Forceatt model is well-priced for the quality and has 2 outer vestibules to store kit in, which will help you to conserve your precious interior floor space. Ceiling vents and a mesh interior will help to prevent condensation in the winter and provide airflow in the warmer months. 

Height / Length:

  • Peak Height - 3 ft and 7.3 inches 
  • Interior Length - 7 ft and 4.6 inches


  • Ceiling vents and mesh inner
  • 2 vestibules
  • Lightweight 
  • Great for wet weather 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Spacious for 1 person (or snug for 2)
  • Affordable


  • Low-quality pegs - you may want to get some better ones
  • Bad smell on arrival; pitch it up at home in advance to let factory smell disperse

Coleman Montana Tent 

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping with Easy Setup
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11/17/2023 04:02 am GMT

The Coleman brand is well-respected as an affordable label for family camping trips.

The Coleman Montana Tent is a spacious 8 person tent with a peak height of 6 ft and 2 inches and an extended door awning to prevent rainwater from entering as you come and go. 

There is plenty of room for 3 queen air beds, while angled windows will allow for refreshing airflow without letting any rain into the tent. The Coleman Montana is spacious and breathable, making it a great place to hang out as a family in the hotter months.

Height / Length: 

  • Peak Height - 6 ft and 2 inches
  • Interior Length - 16 ft x 7 ft


  • Spacious
  • Extended awning 
  • Tub-style floor to eliminate moisture from ground
  • Can be used without the fly in hot weather to keep cool 
  • Angled windows for ventilation 
  • Hinged door with Velcro - very user-friendly


  • Some users report leaking in heavy rainfall - you should keep this tent for summer camping trips, or additionally waterproof your tent in advance

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr Tent 

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent
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11/15/2023 10:49 am GMT

If you are heading out on a solo camping adventure, the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr Tent is an excellent choice.

The interior base length is 7 ft and 2 inches, so tall people shouldn’t have any problems getting comfy. As with any backpacking tent, you won’t have enough space to stand up. 

The Zephyr tent is reasonably lightweight (4.2 pounds), has a vestibule to store your kit, and is easy to put up with a simple 2-pole design. If you’re planning on a hot weather camp, the gray and navy option will do a better job at reflecting heat.

Height / Length: 

  • Peak Height - 3 ft
  • Interior Length - 7 ft and 2 inches


  • Lightweight for bicycle touring 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Plenty of floor space for a taller person 
  • Vestibule for kit 
  • Sealed seams
  • Waterproof rainfly and floor 
  • Inner mesh offers plenty of ventilation
  • Great value


  • Too heavy for any serious thru-hiking

5 Family Tents That Are Ideal for Tall People 

The following 5 tents are great for taller people on a family camping trip during which you will have a car.

If you are looking for a lightweight tent for backpacking, you can skip straight to the next section.

Danchel Outdoors Lightweight Teepee

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Lightweight Teepee

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The Danchel Outdoors Lightweight Teepee is lighter-weight and more affordable than my best choice canvas teepee. The materials aren’t as high-spec, but it is still a great-quality teepee tent with plenty of space for tall people to stand. 

The tent walls are highly waterproofed and anti-tear, and they are silver-coated to help keep you cooler in the summertime.

This tent is suitable for spring, summer, and autumn, but it isn’t advised for cold weather camping.

Height / Length:  

  • Peak Height - 8 ft
  • Interior Length - 13 ft


  • Lightweight for its size 
  • Waterproof, anti-tear material
  • Silver-coated to reflect heat 
  • Mesh windows
  • Breathable


  • Some windows can be closed only from the outside - annoying if it starts to rain

Hasika Conical Tent 

Teepee Camping Conical Tent with Screen Room

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The Hasika Conical Tent is another teepee-style family camping tent. What I love about this one is that you can peg out the door to create a shaded awning area.

It is suitable for 4 people on camping pads, or you can comfortably fit a queen mattress or 2 single mattresses. This is a fair-weather tent, as it doesn't perform brilliantly in wind and rain. However, it’s perfect for a summer camp, as it is lightweight. 

Well-ventilated and easy to set up in as little as 5 minutes, it’s a wonderful option with a low price point.

Height / Length:  

  • Peak Height - 8 ft
  • Interior Length - 12 ft


  • Easy to set up 
  • Lightweight for teepee 
  • Taped seams 
  • Great airflow 


  • Suitable only for summer camping

Teton Sports Mesa Camping Tent 

TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent
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11/16/2023 04:33 am GMT

If you have the budget for real quality, the Teton Sports Mesa Camping Tent is a great family tent for taller people. This is from the same company that made our best choice pick, but it is a cabin-style canvas tent rather than a teepee. 

Thanks to the strong top bar, it has high ceilings of 6 ft and 6 inches throughout. The canvas is breathable but highly waterproof, and the tent is appropriate for every season.

A built-in awning creates a shady outdoor area, and it has loads of inner storage pockets to help keep your camp well-organized.

Height / Length:

  • Peak Height - 6 ft and 6 inches
  • Interior Length - 10 ft


  • Spacious, with standing room throughout
  • Top quality
  • Breathable canvas
  • 4 seasons
  • Awning for shade 
  • Reinforced seams 
  • Inner storage
  • Heavy-duty zippers 


  • Heavy! (around 80 pounds)
  • Pegs aren’t great quality - you might want to upgrade them
  • Expensive

Browning Big Horn Tent 

Browning Big Horn Camping Tent
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11/15/2023 10:32 pm GMT

The Browning Big Horn Tent is another spacious cabin-style tent, though this one is more affordable than the Teton Sports tent above. The Big Horn is a freestanding tent with an extra-tall center and straight walls, maximizing standing and living space. 

The 4 large windows and mesh roof allow for plenty of ventilation, and the bathtub-style floor will help keep you dry in the wettest conditions.

Height / Length:

  • Peak Height - 7 ft
  • Interior Length - 10 ft


  • Waterproof, bathtub-style floor 
  • Freestanding 
  • Discreet, natural colors 
  • Plenty of standing room for taller people
  • Fantastic customer service if you ever need replacement parts
  • Easy to put up 
  • Reliable and strong 


  • High, bathtub-style floor can make it difficult for dogs and young children to come and go
  • Light-duty zippers

Coleman Weather Master 10 Person Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent
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11/15/2023 03:56 am GMT

Several of the family tents I mentioned are more appropriate for summer camping. If you want something that will hold up in the wind and the rain, I recommend the Coleman Weather Master. 

As its name suggests, this tent can handle bad weather without leaking or blowing down, and it is very reasonably priced. The strong frame, protected seams, waterproof floor, and zipper protection all make this a fantastic tent for use outside the summer months.

The peak height is 6 ft and 8 inches, so taller people should have plenty of space to stand. 

Like all new tents, it must be sprayed with a waterproofing solution before use in heavy weather.

Height / Length: 

  • Peak Height - 6 ft and 8 inches
  • Interior Length – 17 ft


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Plenty of standing room 
  • Spacious
  • Angled windows for ventilation when it’s raining 
  • Hinged door
  • Breathable mesh inner tent
  • Screen porch


  • Difficult to set up with only one person

5 More Backpacking Tents for Tall People

If you’re going for a lightweight camping trip, you’ll need something much smaller than the family tents suggested above. You won’t be able to stand up in a backpacking tent, but the following suggestions are long enough for taller people to lie down comfortably. 

Alps Mountaineering Mystique 

ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 2-Person Tent
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11/15/2023 08:21 am GMT

The Alps Mountaineering Mystique is a good-quality, mid-range tent that weighs 5.3 pounds. This tent is a little heavy for a single person hiking, but because it is a 2 person tent, you can share the weight between packs. 

If you are cycle touring, the tent shouldn’t be too heavy for one person, and it’s a good choice if you want more personal space on your camping adventure. There are 2 vestibules, so you can store your kit outside of the sleeping compartment.

Height / Length: 

  • Peak Height - 3 ft and 4 inches
  • Interior Length - 8 ft


  • Two vestibules
  • Lightweight for 2 people sharing 
  • UV protection 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Waterproof
  • Durable materials
  • Heavy-duty zippers


  • Vestibules don’t reach the ground - will let in moisture during heavy rain

Geertop Trekking Pole Shelter

GEERTOP Trekking Pole Tent
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The Geertop Trekking Pole Shelter is a 2 person, 4 season shelter, weighing only 3.37 pounds. You can set it up either by attaching it to 2 trees or by using your trekking poles, though these are not included with the tent. 

A mesh door and vent create good insulation, whilst the 7 ft length allows a taller person to sleep comfortably.

For a back-to-basics tent that will keep you warm and dry on the trails, this is an excellent choice.

Height / Length: 

  • Peak Height - 3 ft and 9 inches
  • Interior Length - 7 ft


  • Lightweight 
  • Adaptable - can be pitched using poles or trees
  • 7 ft length 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Anti-tear
  • Good ventilation 


  • Trekking pole shelters are less sturdy than conventional tents - take caution in the wind

Featherstone Tent 

Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Tent
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11/15/2023 05:36 am GMT

This Featherstone Tent is another great option for taller people on a backpacking trip. It is freestanding, making it suitable for a wide range of terrains, and the one-piece aluminum poles make for simple and easy set-up. 

The tent weighs 5 pounds, making it suitable for 2 people to share. As with any 2 person backpacking tent, you’ll have to be comfortable getting in each other’s personal space!

Height / Length:

  • Peak Height - 3 ft and 7 inches
  • Interior Length - 7 ft


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and Freestanding 
  • Easy set-up 
  • Ripstop material 
  • 3 season


  • The ends of the pole are quite sharp and could rip the tent fabric if you don’t pay attention 

Naturehike Vik 1

Naturehike VIK 1 - Ultralight Backpacking Tent
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11/14/2023 10:21 pm GMT

I have recommended the Naturehike Vik 1 several times before! Being just shy of 6 ft and 7 inches in length, it’s an excellent option for taller people, too. 

The Vik 1 is a reasonably priced and high-performing 1 person tent, with free-standing poles, UV protection, and durable rip-stop materials.

Click here to read my in-depth review of the Naturehike Vik 1 tent

Height / Length:

  • Peak Height - 3 ft and 1.4 inches 
  • Interior Length - 6 ft and 10.7 inches


  • Lightweight
  • Freestanding poles
  • UV protection 
  • Rip-stop materials 
  • Skylight vent 
  • Ergonomic door with built-in magnets


  • Claims to be 4 season, but not suitable for snowy weather

Geertop Bivy Tent 

GEERTOP Ultralight Bivy Tent
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11/14/2023 08:50 pm GMT

The final tent that I would like to recommend for taller people is the Geertop Bivy Tent.

However, you won’t be able to sit up in a bivy tent like this. The bivy is designed as a lightweight and discreet camping shelter for wild camping adventures, with room only to lie down. 

The length is generous and should be more than enough for a taller person. A bivy tent isn’t for everyone, but if you love getting lost in nature, you might find it perfect for your needs.

Height / Length: 

  • Peak Height - 2 ft and 6 inches
  • Interior Length - 7 ft and 7 inches


  • Discreet
  • Lightweight 
  • Good for wild camping 
  • Generous length 
  • Waterproof 
  • Durable
  • Double stitching 


  • No sitting room - could feel claustrophobic

What to Consider When Buying a Tent as a Tall Person 

A tent is a major investment, so you want to be sure that you’re getting a model that’s appropriate for your adventures. As a taller camper, you have unique needs, especially when it comes to tents. 

Here are some of the most important things to consider before you buy: 

Sleeping Area Dimensions 

Perhaps the most critical factor in your comfort at night is the tent’s sleeping area dimensions. 

While most campers under 6 ft (183cm) can comfortably sleep in just about any tent, taller campers often struggle to find a shelter that’s appropriately sized for their bodies.

So, as you shop, be sure to keep an eye out for the interior length of your prospective tent. 

In general, it’s best to buy a tent that’s at least 6 ft (15cm) longer than your height. Doing so will help ensure that you have enough room to stretch out at night.

That means a better night’s sleep in the mountains. What could be better? 

Peak Height 

In addition to the length of your tent, you’ll want to consider the peak height of any shelter you buy. While a tent’s length affects your sleep quality, its height directly impacts your ability to walk around comfortably in your shelter. 

As you can imagine, having a tent with a ceiling height of 7 ft (213cm) is ideal if you hate having to crouch to move across your shelter at night.

Nevertheless, the peak height of any tent that you buy will greatly depend on the type of camping that you like to do. 

In general, car camping tents are more likely to have taller ceiling heights than backpacking-specific models. That’s because car camping shelters are designed to prioritize comfort. 

Alternatively, if you’re backpacking, you will likely have to accept the fact that you won’t be able to get a tent that’s tall enough for you to stand up in.

However, you can still look for a tent that is tall enough for you to comfortably sit upright while inside. 

Finding a tent that allows you to sit upright is important because you can more easily change or get in and out of your sleeping bag without feeling like you’re being squashed against the wall. 

Because most of us don’t know our torso heights off the tops of our heads, it’s worth measuring your height in a seated position before you invest in a tent.

Measure your height from the floor to the top of your head while you’re sitting down and use this as a guide to help you select the right tent for backpacking. 

Gear Storage 

Finally, taller campers must pay close attention to the gear storage options offered in their tents. While shorter folks can often make do with a wide variety of gear storage solutions, not all storage hacks are ideal for tall campers. 

In particular, tents with vestibules tend to be best for tall campers. That’s because vestibules offer an easy way to safely store all of your gear on the outside of your tent, thereby freeing up interior space for you to stretch out at night. 

Alternatively, internal gear storage pockets might be a nice choice, but it depends on their design.

Indeed, storage pockets that are located overhead (sometimes called gear lofts) are less than ideal if you’re a tall person who is already concerned about the height of your tent’s ceiling. 

Ultimately, vestibules are the ultimate gear storage solution for taller campers, while overhead gear lofts aren’t necessarily a good choice. 

Types of Tents for Tall People

While there are thousands of tents to choose from, not all are created equal if you’re a tall person.

Here are some of the best types of tents to consider as you shop around: 

Cabin Tents 

When it comes to comfortable outdoor living for tall campers, it’s hard to beat the cabin tent. As the name suggests, cabin tents are designed to look a lot like a cabin. 

This means that they often have spacious interiors and relatively flat roofs. Moreover, many cabin tents have particularly high ceilings, which is ideal if you’re a tall person who doesn’t like to crouch when walking through your shelter at night. 

In addition to their tall ceiling heights, cabin tents offer large open floor plans. 

Because most of these tents are designed to sleep large groups of people, they’ll often have dimensions in excess of 7’x’7 (213x213cm).

Therefore, they’re a solid choice for taller campers who hate feeling squished in their tent at night. 

Bell Tents 

If car camping is more your style, a bell tent might be worthy of consideration. Bell tents are circular tents with a single high central point. They look a lot like the classic circus tent design that you might see in old movies. 

Generally speaking, bell tents are reasonably easy to set up and take down because they have very few poles. For tall folks, bell tents also offer an important advantage in that they tend to be quite spacious. 

However, the fact that bell tents have just one central pole means that their tall ceiling height doesn’t extend to the edges of the tent.

Therefore, while a bell tent might advertise a 7 ft (213cm) ceiling center height, the ceiling height along the walls of the tent might be just 5 ft (152cm). 

Nevertheless, if you’re okay with crouching on occasion in certain parts of your shelter, a bell tent might be a great choice. Because these tents are quite durable and reliable, they’re a nice option for car camping adventures. 

Backpacking Tents 

While bell and cabin tents are both great selections for car camping, if you’re a tall person who’s looking to camp in more remote locales, you’ll need a backpacking-specific tent. 

Unfortunately, unlike cabin and bell tents, high ceiling heights are just not possible in backpacking models. That’s because backpacking tents must be strong enough to withstand heavy wind and harsh rain. 

As a result, they often feature more compact designs that prioritize durability over high center heights. 

No one, regardless of their height, can stand upright in a proper backpacking tent, so this isn’t an issue that affects only tall campers.

Therefore, when shopping for a backpacking tent as a tall person, you should prioritize getting a model that’s long enough for your body. 

Of course, not all backpacking shelters are appropriate for taller folks. So, for maximum comfort on the trail, keep an eye out for tents that are at least 6 ft (15cm) longer than your height. 


How tall is a 4 man tent?

It depends on the design. Some 4 person tents will only be tall enough for you to sit up in, whereas others will have standing room. The best way to find out is to check the individual specifications of each tent you are interested in buying. 

How tall are pop-up tents? 

Once again, it depends on the design. You can get pop-up tents that are suitable for one person, or you can get pop-up tents specially designed as a camping shower or changing room. Check the specifications of your tent before purchase!

Are tunnel tents tall enough to stand up in? 

They can be. The more people the tent is designed for, the more likely it is that you will be able to stand up in it.

What does tent peak height mean? 

The tent peak height is the tallest place inside the tent. Tents often have sloping walls, so peak height is normally found at the center. 

Final Thoughts 

For a family camping trip, your best choice would be the Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent or the Hiker Garden 6 Person Camping Tent if you’re working on a tighter budget.

You’ll need something a lot smaller if you’re heading out on a backpacking trip. The Forceatt Ultralight Tent is a great choice, with over 7 ft of interior length.

I hope you found this article helpful, and I wish you many happy camping adventures!

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