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No summer is complete without a good old-fashioned camping trip, but that doesn’t mean your kit has to be old-fashioned too!

Summer camping tents are better designed and more affordable than ever before, with innovative technology helping us keep cool in the hot summer months. 

If you are searching for the perfect tent to keep yourself cool this summer, look no further!

With 20 unique hot weather tents reviewed in this article, you are sure to find the best hot weather camping tent for your needs.

Also, if you are looking for a real adventure this summer, we got you covered with some amazing alternatives.

Best Tents for Hot Weather Camping

Coleman Dark Room Tent

Best Overall Tent for Hot Weather
Coleman Dome Tent for Camping
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11/15/2023 02:52 am GMT

The Coleman Darkroom Tent uses darkroom technology to block out sunlight and reduce heat inside the sleeping compartment.

We recommend that you choose the larger Dome Tent with the optional Screen Room, giving you more space to relax and lots of extra ventilation. The fine mosquito mesh will protect you from biting insects. 

The Coleman Dark Room tent comfortably fits a queen-size airbed and has a center height of 4 feet and 11 inches.

There is a noticeable difference in heat in the sleeping area compared to classic tents, making it by far the best choice for hot weather camping. 


  • Dark room technology
  • Optional screen room
  • Quick and easy to put up


  • Poorly insulated—suitable only for hot and tropical weather 
  • The screen room is not waterproof—it can’t be used for gear storage in rainy weather

Moonlence Camping Tent

Budget Pick
MOON LENCE Camping Tent
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11/15/2023 09:57 am GMT

The 2 person Moonlence Camping Tent offers exceptional value for the money. 

This tent is perfect for hot and tropical climates because it has an extra ground vent to help create a cooling draft through the sleeping compartment without interfering with the structure’s overall waterproofing. 

This double-layer tent offers UV and rain protection, while still being breathable and resistant to wind.

Combined with the 2 mesh windows, the ground vent works to push hot air up and out of the tent, giving you a comfortable night's sleep in good weather. 

The quality is very good for the price and the tent is particularly easy to set up and take down.

However, as with any low-budget camping tent, it is likely to break or tear after a few uses. 


  • Ground vent pushes hot air up and out of the tent
  • 2 mesh windows 
  • Integrated mosquito net
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Excellent value


  • Not the best for wet weather—you will want to spray it with a waterproofing treatment before use in heavy rain
  • Small—suitable for 2 people using camping pads and sleeping bags
  • No screen room

Coleman Weathermaster

Best Family Tent for Hot Weather
Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent
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11/15/2023 03:56 am GMT

If you are looking for more space to relax with your family, you might want to consider the 10 person Coleman WeatherMaster tent.

This high-quality tent has a center height of 6 feet 7 inches, allowing heat to rise away from the ground level and escape through the mesh roof and 2 angled windows.

The light colors will help to reflect heat, and you can leave off the rainfly in dry weather, to help air circulate even more. 

There is plenty of room for kit and dogs in the sheltered screen room, and there are 2 separate rooms for privacy. This tent performs brilliantly in the wind and the rain as well as hot weather, so you can use it for year-round camping adventures. 


  • Performs brilliantly in versatile climates
  • Great ventilation and air circulation 
  • Two separate sleeping areas
  • Spacious
  • Screen room 


  • Screen room likely to get wet in the rain—so not always a good place to store kit

Geertop Teepee

Best Cotton Tent for Hot Weather
GEERTOP Teepee Tent - One Pole Easy Set Up Tent
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Cotton tents are great for hot weather because they have far more breathability than their synthetic alternatives.

The best cotton tent for hot weather camping is the Geertop Teepee, which is a suitable size for 4 people.

It is actually made from a blend of cotton and polyester, giving it the durability of synthetic materials while still allowing it to retain the breathability associated with cotton. 

You can set up the inner mesh tent without the cotton outer walls for extra ventilation. The tent is tall enough to stand in comfortably.

This also helps to prevent heat from accumulating at ground level. 

The wide main door further improves ventilation, whilst the mosquito net prevents insects from entering the tent.

The Geertop teepee also performs well in wet and windy weather, so you can use it for your camping trips year-round. 

This is an excellent beginner teepee that is not difficult to put up, and the light brown color is suitable for hot weather. 


  • Plenty of standing room
  • Mesh inner tent to keep out insects
  • Light color
  • Wide door opening for good ventilation
  • Attractive, traditional appearance 


  • Extra headroom makes the tent heavier than lower profile alternatives.

Hot Weather Backpacking Tents

The following tents are great options for backpacking in the summer.

Naturehike 1 Person Tent

Best Backpacking Tent for Hot Weather
Naturehike VIK 1 - Ultralight Backpacking Tent
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11/14/2023 10:21 pm GMT

If you plan on thru-hiking, you will want a lightweight shelter like the Naturehike VIK 1 Person Tent. 

This lightweight tent is easy to set up in just 5 minutes, so we recommend that you take it down during the day to prevent heat from building up inside.

The white fabric also reflects heat very well, while the entrance can be propped up with trekking poles to create a small, shaded area outside to relax in. 

There are 2 small cross vents in the roof to help ventilation, but there is no ground vent to help push out the hot air. 

This 1 person tent performs brilliantly in the wind and rain as well as the heat.

It is lightweight and thoughtfully designed, with small magnets to keep the door securely closed, as well as strong but lightweight aluminum poles. 

Read my full review of the Naturehike Vik 1 Tent


  • Lightweight and strong 
  • Extremely easy and quick to set up 
  • Reflective white color
  • Small canopy for some shade


  • Heat accumulates more quickly in smaller tents
  • No ground vent

Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid Tent

Best Trekking Pole Tent for Hot Weather
Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid Ultralight Tent
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The Drop + Dan Durston X-Mid Tent is an ultralight trekking pole tent, perfect for thru-hiking in hot and tropical weather.

The tent was designed by Dan Durston, a well-known figure in the thru-hiking world. His expertise has been put to good use because the X-Mid Tent is an exceptionally spacious and weatherproof trekking pole shelter. 

You pitch the tent fly before the inner, which means that the inside of your tent will stay dry even if you are putting it up in a tropical storm. 

The X-Mid Tent performs very well in the wind and rain and is surprisingly spacious for a trekking pole shelter. It has 2 vestibules for storing kit and can fit 2 people using camping pads and sleeping mats. 

The fully mesh walls will protect you from any bugs whilst providing plenty of ventilation in hot weather.

What’s more, the tent sets up in a couple of minutes, so you can easily take it down and put it back up to prevent heat from building up in your sleeping compartment. 

Note that the trekking poles are not included with trekking pole shelters. The idea is that you use your existing kit to cut down on your pack weight as much as possible. 


  • Ultralightweight (36 ounces)
  • Spacious for a trekking pole shelter
  • Extremely easy to set up 
  • Stormproof 
  • Well ventilated


  • Trekking pole tents do not tend to do as well in the wind as a classic tent with aluminum poles

Kiklive Ultralight Tent 

KIKILIVE Ultralight Tent - 3 Season Backpacking Tent
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The Kikilive Ultralight Tent is very reasonably priced for the quality. It is a trekking pole tent that can be set up in 8-10 minutes. 

We recommend that you choose the white version over the green, as it will be better at reflecting heat. However, the green would blend better into the environment, so don’t discount it if you need to be discreet. 

At 35 ounces, it is a very similar weight to the X-Mid Tent that we mentioned above, and it is an excellent value for the money.

However, the X-Mid Tent is more spacious and quicker to put up, and offers 2 vestibules to protect your kit.

For these reasons, the Kikilive Ultralight Tent did not take the spot as our best backpacking tent for hot weather. 

If you are working on a smaller budget and need a lightweight tent on the trails this summer, the Kikilive is a brilliant contender. 


  • Performs well in wet tropical weather
  • Lightweight 
  • Good quality
  • Affordable


  • Trekking pole tents don’t handle wind as well as traditional tents
  • No vestibule for kit 

Nature Hike Tagar Tent 

Lightweight Camping Tent for 2 Person - Easy Setup
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11/16/2023 03:06 am GMT

If you are looking for a lightweight tent that doesn’t rely on trekking poles, the Nature Hike Tagar Tent is a wonderful 2 person option. 

The light color reflects heat and you can always use the mesh inner tent without the rain fly in the hot summer months. If you do need some protection from the rain, the second layer can be put up in a couple of minutes. 

At around 46 ounces in trail weight, it is heavier than the trekking pole shelters that we have recommended.

The extra weight is due to the stronger aluminum frame, which performs far better in the wind than the average trekking pole shelter. 

You have 2 separate vestibules to store your kit, and despite being a single-walled tent, it breathes surprisingly well.

Just make sure that you tightly stake the fly sheet to allow for the best airflow in hot conditions. 


  • Mesh inner tent can be used with or without rainfly
  • Light reflective color
  • Lightweight 
  • 2 vestibules 
  • Great value for money  


  • Heavier than a trekking pole tent

Alps Mountaineering Trail Tipi

ALPS Mountaineering Trail Tipi 2-Person Tent
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11/15/2023 01:49 pm GMT

If you like to hit the trails but hate to feel claustrophobic in an ultralight backpacking tent, you might find a good compromise in the Alps Mountaineering Trail Tipi. 

This is a 2 person tent with a center height of 53 inches. While most adults will only be able to sit up, it still has a much higher profile than most lightweight 2 person tents.

The tent uses a single trekking pole (not included) at the center and can comfortably fit a couple using sleeping bags and camping pads. 

The head room is even better if you choose to hang the teepee from a tree branch instead of using a trekking pole, which you can do with a piece of cord.

This is more comfortable for the camper, as heat can rise even more efficiently into the teepee’s peak and escape through the vents. 


  • Versatile—can be put up with a trekking pole or hung from a tree
  • Vents and high profile help air to circulate 
  • Lightweight for its size
  • Easy to put up 
  • Light color reflects heat
  • Vestibule to store kit 


  • Mesh and rainfly attached, so it’s more challenging to split the weight between 2 people

Teton Sports Quick Tent 

TETON Sports Quick Tent; Less Than 1 Min Setup
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The Teton Sports Quick Tent is a great quality pop-up tent that is easily put up in less than a minute. It is set up with a simple drawstring system, so even the most inexperienced campers shouldn’t have any trouble with it.  

You can use it on the ground like a standard tent, or you can choose to buy it with the cot, which was specifically designed to sit under this tent.

The benefit of this would be less heat transfer through the ground and added protection from bugs or snakes.

The cot is also a lot more comfortable than most sleeping pads. So, if you are tired of sleeping on the ground but still love to camp, we recommend that you purchase the cot alongside the shelter. 

You can use the fine mesh tent with or without the included rainfly, depending on how much ventilation you need.

You also have the option of upgrading to an even more waterproof rainfly if you think you might get caught in some tropical rainfall. 


  • Innovative cot system is very comfortable and helps with ventilation in hot months (optional extra)
  • Two doors also help with ventilation 
  • Fine mesh interior is very breathable 
  • Easy to set up 


  • A bit bulky and cumbersome compared to other backpacking tents (73.6 ounces)
  • No vestibule for kit, but you can store your things underneath the optional cot system
  • Rainfly could be longer 

Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent 

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent
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11/15/2023 04:01 pm GMT

The Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent is a 2 person tent that we highly recommend for tent camping in hot weather. 

The gray/blue color will do a great job of reflecting heat and protecting you from UV rays, while the sealed seams and coated floor will keep you dry during any tropical storms that pass over. 

The ventilation is excellent in this tent, with breathable half-mesh walls offering a great balance between privacy and breathability.

Two separate vestibules and an overhead gear storage pocket will keep your kit out of the main sleeping area, leaving plenty of space for 2 people using camping pads and sleeping bags. 


  • Alps mountaineering tents are well known for good quality 
  • Half-mesh walls offer ventilation and privacy
  • Reflective colors and protective UV coating 
  • Plenty of gear storage 


  • Some users report moisture entering from the tent floor after heavy rain—we recommend using a ground sheet if the weather is wet.

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Ultralight Tent 

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL Ultralight Backpacking Tent
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The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Ultralight tent is a great little tent for camping in hot and tropical weather. 

It has been carefully designed to optimize interior space whilst maintaining a low weight, but it will still be a little cramped for 2 people.

We recommend that this tent be used for 1 person unless the 2 campers are very familiar with each other!

The rainfly is sealed to withstand any tropical storms, and the breathable mesh inner can be set up without the rainfly if you want to maximize breathability.

You can keep your kit in the vestibule to create more indoor space, and the light green color is both discrete and reflecting of heat. 

Due to its light weight, strong frame, and excellent waterproofing, we highly recommend this premium tent for long-distance thru-hiking. 


  • Windproof, waterproof, and sturdy
  • Discrete and light-reflecting color 
  • Breathable mesh inner tent 
  • Lightweight


  • Not the most affordable

3 Donkeys Breeze Up Tent 

Three Donkeys Breeze-Up Tent with Footprint
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11/16/2023 03:37 am GMT

Our final recommendation for hot weather backpacking tents is the 3 Donkeys Breeze Up Tent. 

At just over 5 pounds, it is somewhat heavier than the trekking pole shelters and premium backpacking tents that we have mentioned.

This is partly because of the steeper walls, which create considerably more living space in the sleeping compartment and diffuse heat in the summertime. 

The Breeze Up Tent is an affordable and well-ventilated tent, with the option to pitch only the half-mesh inner for more air circulation in the hotter months.

The rainfly is waterproof and UV protective, making it a great entry-level tent for camping in hot and tropical weather. 

If you want to get even further back to basics with a camping hammock or Bivy system, you will find some suggestions later in the article.


  • Good ventilation thanks to half-mesh walls 
  • White reflective color
  • Easy to set up 
  • Spacious
  • Affordable


  • Light-duty fittings can break easily—not the best choice if you will be camping a lot
  • Doesn’t come with pitching instructions 

Warm Weather Car Camping Tents 

If you prefer to bring your home comforts along for a camping trip, you will want to go for a car camping tent instead.

While backpacking tents are designed to be as light as possible and to be used with sleeping bags and pads, the following tents are more suitable for those sleeping with an airbed and looking for room to stand up and move around. 

Coleman Sundome Tent 

Coleman Sundome Tent
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11/15/2023 01:44 pm GMT

The Coleman Sundome Tent is available in various sizes, ranging from 2 person to 6 person. 

This is a brilliant option for those who want more space and comfort than a backpacking tent can offer but still want to keep their setup simple and get back to nature. 

Despite being a hot weather tent, it has been tested in 35mph+ winds, and the waterproof rainfly will keep you dry in any rain showers.

However, we recommend this tent only in the summer because it has been designed to maximize ventilation rather than insulation. 

The Coleman Sundome can easily be set up in 10 minutes or less, and the ground vent helps to push hot air up and out of the large mesh windows.

This is a lovely tent for summer camping. Just make sure you choose the light green color rather than the dark navy to prevent heat absorption. 


  • Ground vent and mesh windows to expel heat
  • Performs well in the wind and light showers
  • Easy to set up 


  • Less spacious than many car-camping tents—but good for those who prefer a back-to-basics camp
  • Summer tent only—not suitable for wet or cold camping
  • No screen room or vestibule 

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent 

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent
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11/14/2023 10:31 pm GMT

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is spacious and versatile. It has a convertible screen room area, which can be used as a dining area or second sleeping compartment depending on the size of your party.

If you prefer to sleep on air beds, the klondike will fit 2 queen air mattresses with room to spare and offers an impressive 6.5 feet of standing space. 

A ground vent ensures good air circulation, but the rainfly is dark, which absorbs heat.

We recommend that you leave the rainfly off during the day and put it on only in the evening or if rain is forecast. This will help keep your tent a lot cooler. 

The Klondike is easy to set up and can be put up by 1 adult alone if necessary. All in all, this is a very good quality tent that performs well in the summer as well as the wind and rain.


  • Ground vent for circulation
  • Spacious and plenty of standing room 
  • Great quality 
  • Convertible screen room 
  • Can be put up by a single adult


  • Dark rainfly absorbs heat

Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent 

TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent
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11/16/2023 04:33 am GMT

If you’re looking for the best possible quality, the Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent might be the right choice for you.

This canvas tent is exceptionally breathable, with mesh screens for ventilation and bug protection. It is a cabin-style tent, offering plenty of standing room. 

The built-in awning offers a shaded area in front of the door, and the light sandy colors are perfect for hot weather camping while blending with the natural environment.

This is a top-quality tent with a high price point. It will protect you from the elements in all weather conditions for many happy years of camping. 


  • Standing room 
  • Built-in Awning 
  • Breathable fabric 
  • Blends into natural environment 
  • Exceptional quality—built to last
  • Easy to put up


  • Not affordable for everyone

E Z Up Camping Tent

E-Z UP Camping Tent
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11/14/2023 08:19 pm GMT

The E Z Up Camping Tent is a pop-up camping cube, designed to transform a standing canopy into a camping tent. You can order one of several canopy choices to use with the camping cube, or you can use it with a 10’ x 10’ straight leg frame canopy that you already have at home. 

The camping cube is extremely easy to attach to a frame and has large mesh windows and doors to maximize ventilation.

The cube blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and has a bathtub-style floor to prevent moisture from entering through the ground. 

The camping cube also comes with a ‘pet portal’ so your dogs can let themselves in and out of the tent on a hot day. Don’t worry, it can be zipped closed when you need them to stay inside! 


  • Well ventilated
  • Spacious
  • Easy to clip to a frame
  • UV protection 
  • Internal gear storage pockets 


  • Requires the framework of a canopy, which is not included
  • Not a very good tent for wet weather

Vidalodo Dome Camping Tent 

Vidalodo Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person 4 Season
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11/16/2023 03:27 am GMT

The Vidalado Dome Camping Tent has the appearance of a tipi tent, but the synthetic materials weigh less than traditional canvas tents. 

A mesh door and roof provide good air circulation, and the high tent profile helps heat to disperse throughout the large sleeping area. The tent is very versatile. If you want to create a simple shaded area, you can simply put up the outer rainfly.

Alternatively, you can put up just the mesh inner tent to create a space to escape from insects whilst allowing air to move through as efficiently as possible. 

The Vidalodo tent can be put up in under 5 minutes with practice, and the large door can be pegged out to create an extra shaded space outdoors. 


  • Standing room 
  • Versatile setup options
  • Door converts to awning
  • Breathable mesh inner 


  • Thin floor is easy to damage


OT QOMOTOP Tents, 4/6/8/10 Person - 60 Seconds Set Up

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11/15/2023 07:07 pm GMT

OT QOMOTOP Tents come in a range of sizes, starting at a 4 person and going up to a 10 person. 

They can be put up in an impressive 60 seconds by 1 adult alone, and the mesh doors and windows offer plenty of ventilation for hot weather camping.

At the same time, the rainfly is high quality and waterproof, helping to keep you dry in any tropical rainstorms that pass over. 

We recommend choosing the green tent rather than the navy one, as the navy rainfly absorbs heat and makes the sleeping compartment considerably less comfortable in the summer months.


  • Goes up in 60 seconds
  • Standing room 
  • Well ventilated


  • Users report some leaks in heavy rain

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent 

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent
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11/15/2023 07:12 am GMT

The Browning Camping Big Horn Tent is a strong and stable freestanding tent, with 2 separate sleeping areas. 

The roof is covered in mesh windows to give you a view of the night sky, but the rainfly can easily be attached if there is a chance of rain. Unlike many similar tents, the rainfly is a light color, which will reflect heat. 

Six large windows and an extra-wide door offer plenty of ventilation, and the steep side walls maximize interior space. 

This spacious, high-quality tent performs brilliantly in a wide range of weather conditions. We wholeheartedly recommend it for your summer camping trip!


  • Two sleeping compartments
  • Light-colored rainfly 
  • Mesh roof for stargazing and ventilation
  • Great quality


  • Not affordable for everyone

Alternative Options

If you are looking for a real adventure this summer, you could consider one of these alternatives to classic tents. 

Waxed Canvas Bed Roll

1844 Helko Werk Germany Waxed Canvas Bedroll
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11/16/2023 07:07 am GMT

This gorgeous waxed canvas bedroll is made in the USA using extremely high-quality materials. 

The breathable, water-resistant material will keep you cool and dry as you sleep beneath the stars. Just turn up to your camping spot, lay it out on the ground, and you are ready to sleep. 

You can’t get more adventurous than this! 


  • Beautiful design and craftsmanship
  • High-quality, breathable materials
  • Get right back to nature
  • Lasts a lifetime


  • Water-resistant, but you will get wet in heavy rain
  • No bug protection 
  • Not affordable for everyone

Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net 

Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net, Tree Straps-Easy to Assemble
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11/15/2023 01:13 am GMT

Another brilliant summer camping option is to set up a hammock between the trees. Hammocks are surprisingly comfortable to sleep in, as they shape themselves to your back. 

You can get a camping hammock with a mosquito net to protect yourself from any insect bites, and being lifted off the ground helps to keep you cool on even the hottest nights. 

Some people feel more exposed in a camping hammock than in a tent. Realistically, it is just as safe as sleeping in a tent, but it’s worth considering whether you’d be able to sleep well out in the open. 

Read also; The Best Heavy Duty Hammocks


  • Lifted off the ground away from insects and small animals 
  • Sleep directly beneath the stars
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Built-in mosquito net 


  • Need to find suitable trees from which to hang the hammock

Slumberjack Contour Bivy 

Slumberjack Contour Bivy, Kryptek Highlander
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11/14/2023 01:11 pm GMT

Another great summer camping option is to sleep out in a Bivy bag (also known as a Bivy sack).

They look like sleeping bags, but they are designed to be used directly outside rather than in a tent, protecting you from the weather and biting insects. 

The Slumberjack Contour Bivy is a lightweight camouflage Bivy that will protect you from the elements, whilst weighing only 1 pound 5 ounces.

A mesh hooded system helps with insects and ventilation, and the arms-free design allows you to comfortably cook or read whilst staying protected inside the Bivy system. 


  • Lightweight
  • Exceptionally discrete
  • Bug mesh visor
  • Arms-free design


  • Some people find Bivy systems to be claustrophobic

Slumberjack Bivy Screen 

Slumberjack Contour 1 Person - Lightweight Bivy
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11/14/2023 09:31 pm GMT

If there’s no chance of rain, you could just use your sleeping bag with the Slumberjack Bivy Screen.

This is an extremely lightweight mosquito net designed to zip around your sleeping bag. It could also be used under a waterproof camping tarp for extra protection. 


  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Protects you from insects 
  • Fully ventilated


  • No rain protection

Waterproof Camping Tarp 

REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tarp
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11/17/2023 12:47 am GMT

A Waterproof Camping Tarp gives you a lot of different options on the trail. You can use it with your hammock or your Bivy for rain protection, shade, or privacy.

You can also use it alongside a conventional camping tent to cover and protect your gear from the rain or create extra shade for your tent.

I also use camping tarps as picnic blankets and groundsheets, so they are always useful to have on hand! 

Try to get a light-colored camping tarp for the summertime because it will better protect you from UV rays. 


  • Can provide shade or rain protection
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Not always easy to put up—takes a bit of practice!
  • No bug protection

What Is a Good Tent for Hot Weather?

When choosing your summer camping tent, you will want to consider several things.

Here are some helpful pointers to get you started:

Bug protection

Not all tents will keep the mosquitos at bay. Try to choose a camping shelter with a full mesh inner tent to protect yourself from insects.

You also want to have bug protection over the windows, so that you can ventilate the sleeping area without letting in any unwanted visitors. 

Please note: Bug screens are also referred to as no-see-um barriers. 


Tents tend to trap and store heat, so good airflow is very important for hot weather camping.

Ideally, the combination of a ground vent and mesh windows will help draw heat up and out of your sleeping area. If your tent doesn't have a ground vent, you will want it to have as many mesh windows as possible. 

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Center height 

Heat rises, so the higher your tent’s profile, the more the heat will be dispersed away from where you are sleeping. Tipis are good for this, as are cabin tents.

A small backpacking tent does not distribute heat as effectively, so a ground vent would be more important here. 

Tent color

Light colors like white, grey, sky blue, and light green are suitable for tent camping in summer. Darker colors like black, navy, and bottle green will absorb noticeably more heat.

You can also look for tents that have a UV protective coating. 


Cotton tents breathe a lot better than synthetic tents, which goes a long way toward cooling down your tent in the summer. 

However, some cotton tents have a synthetic inner which completely prevents the outer cotton from doing its job.

Be aware of this when buying a canvas tent, and make sure that the inner wall is also breathable.

Darkroom design 

You may want to consider purchasing a darkroom tent, which blocks the majority of sunlight and makes the inner tent cooler and darker.

It works by using dark materials for the inner tent and then a light-colored second wall to reflect the sun.

Some people find the darkroom effect to be claustrophobic and prefer a tent that lets in natural light. 

Read also: Best Blackout Tents With Darkroom Technology


As smaller tents heat up quickly, it’s a good idea to take them down in the day and pitch them again in the evening, when the sun isn’t as fierce.

With this in mind, the easier a tent is to pitch up and take down, the better!

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FAQ About Summer Camping

What is a Heat Blocking Tent?

“Heat Blocking Tent” is a vague term used to describe summer camping tents. They are often confused with Dark Room Tents, which are designed to minimize sunlight and create shade in the sleeping compartment. 

What color tent is coolest in hot weather?

The best color tent for camping in summer is white, but other light colors, like yellow, sky blue, and grey, are also fine.

How do I keep my tent cool in hot weather?

To keep your tent cool in the summer, open the windows for plenty of airflow. You can also pack down your tent during the hottest part of the day and put it back up in the evening. Try to set up your tent in the shade, or create your own shade with an additional canopy. 

What is the best tent for heavy rain and wind?

The Coleman WeatherMaster Tent on our list performs brilliantly in the rain and wind, as well as in hot and tropical weather.

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What should I pack for hot weather camping?

If you have a generator or an electrical hook-up, it’s well worth packing a portable camping fan or air conditioner. You will also want to bring along a decent camping fridge.


Many wonderful hot weather camping tents are available on the market today.

However, the Coleman Darkroom Tent is our favorite because the darkroom technology creates a cool and shady sleeping area. This makes a considerable difference in the temperature inside the tent, but some people feel claustrophobic in a darkened tent. 

If you prefer to wake up with the sunrise and let light into your tent, the Coleman WeatherMaster is an excellent family alternative. It performs brilliantly in all weather and offers plenty of space to stand up and move around. 

For the best value tent for hot weather summer camping, the Moonlence Camping Tent offers exceptional value for the money. You will benefit from UV protection and a ground vent to help with ventilation, though the tent is rather small if you are planning to bring along any home comforts. 

Have you ever used a darkroom tent for summer camping? Let us know what you thought of the experience in a comment below. We would love to hear from you. 

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