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60 Best Outdoor, Camping & Hiking Blogs to Follow in 2021

If you’re reading this article, it means that you’ve already found your way to The Camper Lifestyle Blog. Thanks so much for being here, and I hope you find the articles that I’ve been writing helpful. 

There are tonnes of other great blogs that you can check out when you’ve finished exploring this blog, more than I could possibly list here! To save you some time, I’ve made a catalog of 60 fantastic camping and outdoors blogs for you to look into. 

Whether you’re a Tent Camper, Glamper, RVer, Overlander, or Thru-Hiker, there’s sure to be something here that you click with. 

Best Camping Blogs to Follow in 2023

1. REI Coop Journal

You’ve surely heard of REI outdoors gear, but you might not know that the company runs a fantastic outdoors blog too. You can choose from various categories, including camping, climbing, cycling, hiking, snow sports, and running. 

You’ll find tonnes of great ideas and inspiration on this blog, and it’s not too focused on selling you gear either. I’ve recently enjoyed articles about making the perfect Burrito trail snack and tips on where to go and check out Bison in the states. Highly recommend!

2. Campfire Magazine

Campfire Magazine is a popular tent camping blog in the United Kingdom. (Otherwise known as Great Britain plus Northern Ireland. Otherwise known as England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Does that seem overly complicated? Don’t worry, I’m English, and I still don’t understand what any of that means on a practical level.)

You’ll find a lot of kit reviews that are suited to the UK audience, as I know the shipping fees on gear from the US can be more expensive than the kit itself. There are also loads of helpful cooking tips for a tent camping trip and up-to-date information about wild camping law. 

3. 50 Campfires

50 Campfires is an outstanding blog for campers in the USA. You’ll find tonnes of tips and advice for getting the best out of your camping trip, no matter what state you’ll be visiting. If you head to the Locations tab, you’ll find lots of maps with helpful pins, like the 25 best campsites within 2 hours of Chicago or specific reviews of campsites categorized by state. 

There are also some ideas of what activities you might like to get up in each region, so it’s a super helpful resource for planning your next vacation.  

4. The Ultimate Hang

The Ultimate Hang is a blog dedicated to hammock camping. This is a wonderful way to experience the great outdoors, which I’ve been enjoying ever since I was 10 years old and my Dad let me sleep in a hammock in the garden. The no-nonsense blog has got so much wisdom to share, with advice on things like staying warm on a hammock cam, rigging a tarp, and staying bug-free. 

5. Reddit

Reddit is a massive collection of forums where people from all over the world discuss a similar interest. With 430 million users, that’s a huge amount of collective knowledge waiting to be discovered! The camping community is really active on Reddit, so if you want to discuss your passion with real, like-minded people, you should definitely check it out.  

6. Camping With Style

Camping With Style is a UK-based blog founded by a lady called Shell. After a severe snowboarding accident where she broke her back, she had to rethink her kit in order to keep enjoying the great outdoors. Her blog focuses on inclusivity in the world of camping and outdoors, and you can use her site to book campsites across the UK. 

7. Cool Of The Wild

Cool Of The Wild has some brilliant guides for beginner campers, including pitching advice and complete checklists of what to pack for your trip. If you’re new to camping and don’t want to make any rookie mistakes, this is the blog for you. 

8. Camping For Women

If you’re sick of women being underrepresented in the world of camping and outdoors, pop over to the Camping For Women blog. This is a resource created for women, by women, and you’ll find loads of adventure stories to inspire you. 

9. Beyond The Tent

Beyond the Tent was founded by Ryan Cunningham, who is on a mission to get as many people enjoying the great outdoors as possible. You’ll find resources for tent campers, RV campers, and backpackers. The information about camping with kids is particularly helpful. 

10. Camping For Foodies

Hot Dogs and beans might do it for you, but they do get boring pretty quickly. So if you want to spice up your camping food and impress your loved ones, just head over to camping for foodies for tonnes of recipes and campfire cooking inspiration. 

11.Home Camp

Homecamp is an Australia-based camping gear retailer with a really nice blog on the side. Here you will find some awesome field trip reports to turn you green with envy as well as some lovely practical articles like how to navigate by the moon and stars. 

12. Glamping Or Camping categorized

Rick Arms is an experienced camper and glamper, who frequently takes trips along with his 6 kids! His blog, Glamping Or Camping, will give you tonnes of advice from someone who has been there and done that hundreds of times over. 

13. Bike Overnights

If bike touring is your thing, head over to Bike Overnights. There are countless trip reports from people that have explored the USA on two wheels, categorised by state so you can plan your next overnight biking adventure. If you’re new to bike touring, you’ll find resources and checklists to support you getting started. 

14. Camp Kings Australia

Camp Kings Australia has some great resources for campers in, you guessed it, Australia. They’ve got lots of helpful articles about camping under a tarp, as well as detailed reviews of campgrounds all over Aus. 

15. Tents N Trees

Tents N Trees is a blog created for families that want to get out camping. You’ll find some excellent summaries of the best campsites to check out per state, as well as some valuable tips for planning the smoothest trip possible.

16. Elevation Outdoors

Elevation Outdoors is a brilliant blog for outdoor lovers. If you head to the Get Outside tab, then select camping, you’ll find a vast wealth of information for camping lovers. Recent posts include tips for making money on the road and advice on preparing an emergency kit for winter camping. 

17. Minimalist Family Camping 

Briony is a mother of two young children who loves using camping to disconnect from technology and get back in touch with nature. She believes that a minimalist approach to packing for a camping trip can lead to some of the best memories. Her blog will help you get started as a minimalist camper, and you’ll find packing for a camping trip more straightforward than ever. 

18. Dirty Gourmet

Dirty Gourmet is brought to you by three women with years of experience in the outdoor industry and food nutrition. They believe that food should be just as much a part of the experience as the activities, and share wonderful recipes for you to make on a camping trip. 

19. Bear In Forest 

Bear In Forest was founded by a young lady called Deann. After a disastrous first camping trip where she was skipping water out of her tent like a boat at sea, she started a blog to share her camping stories and help prevent anyone else from ending up in the same mess. 

20. Camping And Horses

Camping and horses; what’s not to love? You’ll find trip reports from horse campsites all over the USA, with some ridiculously beautiful pictures of lush green trails and lakeside pitches. If you’re a horse owner who loves the great outdoors, horse camping is such an incredible way to explore nature and bond with your best pal. 

21. Get Out With the Kids

Get Out With The Kids is a fantastic blog for families that want to explore the UK. You’ll find advice on tent and RV camping, as well as inspiration and trip reports for family-friendly days out. 

22. Camping Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country of lush green hills and panoramic coastlines. If you want to explore with your tent or campervan, you’ll want to check out the Camping Ireland website for all the best campgrounds and helpful tips for getting the most out of the Emerald Isle. 

Best Vanlife and RV Camping Blogs

23. Good Sam Blog

The Good Sam Blog is a fantastic resource for RV campers in the USA. You’ll find loads of great ideas of things to get up to on your travels, particularly if you’re a full-timer. It’s easy to navigate, and there are tonnes of real-life stories of families that decided to make a life on the road. 

24. Camping World

Camping World is a comprehensive resource for RV Campers. You’ll find maintenance tips, campsite recommendations, advice for traveling with pets and inspiration for buying or renovating your RV. 

25. Drivin’ and Vibin’

Drivin’ and Vibin’ is an RV travel and conscious living blog that’s packed with outdoor news, local travel guides, and RV living advice. You’ll also find listings of RV meet-ups and events so that you can connect with like-minded people on your RV camping adventures.   

26. Those Weirdos

Those Weirdos is a blog by a family of two parents, a child, and three animals that set off to live full time in their self converted sprinter. This lovely family has a Youtube channel, blog, and Facebook page where they share honest insights into low-budget, full-time life in a tiny home on wheels.

27. Wandering Under The Stars

Wandering Under The Stars is a beautifully written blog that will take you along the road with a Baby Boomer travel couple. They share stories of their wanderings with their rescue dog KitKat, which evoke a wonderful sense of place and will have you itching to get on the road. 

28. Go Together Go Far

Go Together Go Far was inspired by the saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The blog shares lots of helpful information about travel trailers and RVs,  from the perspective of a family that chose to hit the road as a different way of living together. 

29. Bearfoot Theory

The Bear Foot Theory blog is a great website to check out if you’re considering Vanlife, whether that’s full-time or for weekend camping trips. As well as the blog posts, you’ll find a free online course so you can prepare yourself for the adventure while you’re still saving up for your vehicle. 

30. Ardent Camper

Marie and Josh sold their house to move into their RV. They work full time as digital nomads as they romp around the USA, sharing a mixture of stories and helpful information from their wanderings. 

31. Camping Earth

For some delicious outdoor cooking recipes and ingenious camping tips, you can head over to Camping Earth. Who knew there were so many uses for dental floss or Cattails?

32. The Crazy Family Adventure Blog

The Crazy Family Adventure Blog is brought to you by a loving family of 6, who sold their big house with a swimming pool and land to live in an RV together. They share experiences and tips via their blog and podcast, and they also offer virtual assistant services. 

33. Cheap RV Living 

Cheap RV Living is brought to you by Bob Wells, a long-time VanDweller. People always ask him how he can afford to travel full time, but he just asks how others can afford not to! Bob shares advice and insight into having a happy and prosperous life without the price tag that often comes with the 21st century. He reckons you can live well for $500 a month all in, so what’s stopping you?!

34. Highly Sensitive Nomad

Highly Sensitive Nomad is my own blog, which I created after quitting my job and moving into a tent with a stranger. Two years later, I’m married to that stranger and we are living a nomadic life in an off-grid transit van. 

Best Glamping Blogs 

35. Glamping Hub Blog

The Glamping Hub Blog is an excellent place for outdoor lovers that don’t want to rough it. You’ll find some fantastic articles about eco-friendly travel and tonnes of glamping accommodation suggestions in the USA. They’ve put together lots of top-pick articles for different states, so you know you’re going to book somewhere special. 

36. Glamping

The Glamping Blog has got some detailed reviews of the most amazing glamping locations around the world. If you fancy a life-changing camping safari or making your home in a treehouse for the night, this is the blog for you. 

37. Camping Tourist

Camping Tourist will tell you about some weird and wonderful camping spots all over the world. From the most haunted forests to tent camp in (er, no thanks!) to luxury tree houses, there’s something on there for everyone. 

38. RVC Outdoor Destinations

RVC Outdoors is a provider of luxury cabin and yurt accommodation throughout the USA. If you head over to their blog, you’ll find some great resources, including campfire stories for kids, hot spring recommendations,  and advice on planning the perfect outdoor wedding. 

Best Outdoor and Hiking Blogs 

39. The Girl Outdoors

The Girl Outdoors is an award-winning outdoor blog, edited by Sian Anna Lewis. As well as information about camping, you’ll find guides for activities like Wild Swimming, Surfing, Skiing, and Hiking. 

40. Clever Hiker

Clever Hiker is brought to you by David and Annie, who want to make backpacking camping as safe and enjoyable as possible. They emphasise Leave No Trace and Low Impact Camping in all of their resources, so we can leave the wild places for our grandchildren to enjoy too. 

41. Outdoor News

For camping, hunting and outdoors fans in the USA, Outdoor News gives you a chance to keep up to date with the wild places that you love the most. You’ll be able to follow the latest wildlife news which, if you’re anything like me, will help you choose your next camping destination. 

42. Blue Ridge Outdoors

The Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine was founded 25 years ago. It is the definitive guide to outdoor, camping, and adventure travel in the South West and Mid Atlantic. As well as daily posts, you’ll find some competitions to win awesome adventure vacations.  

43. Outside Online

Outside Online is a top-notch resource for outdoor lovers. As well as trip reports from some epic camping and bike packing trips, you’ll find articles about things like diving the longest underwater cave in Sweden and reviews of online Avalanche courses.

44. Section Hiker

Section Hiker has a wealth of information for ultralight backpackers, from complete beginners to seasoned experts. So if you’ve always fancied setting up camp under a tarp, you’ll want to start by reading some of the articles on this blog. 

45. Paul Kirtley

If you want to learn more about wilderness bushcraft and backcountry camping, Paul Kirtley has a fantastic blog for you to read. As well as recommending the best books and field guides that you can really trust, he offers free tips and advice for surviving in the great outdoors and even runs some online courses for his followers. (Blog followers, I mean. He’s not the leader of a woodland cult.)

46. The Trek

The Trek is a super resource for anyone planning to hike the Appalachian Trail, The Continental Divide Trail, or the Pacific Crest Trail. You can click on the trail you are interested in, and you’ll find loads of tailored advice and information from people that have already completed the thru hikes. 

47. Trail Journals

Trail Journals is a website where thru hikers can log their trail journals for friends and family to keep up with. Millions of miles of trails have been logged on the website, so it’s a brilliant resource for anyone planning a long-distance trail in the USA.  

48. Trail And Summit

Trail and Summit is an outdoor adventure blog that I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to for some time. You’ll find tent camping, vanlife, and trail hiking content on the site.  What I love about this blog is that the writers are all people that are living the adventure so we can give tips and advice from lived experience. 

49. Hiker Track

You’ll find some great resources for hiking, camping, and backpacking on the Hiker Track blog. I especially like the survival skills section, where you can learn how to identify venomous animals and survive a cougar attack… hopefully, we’ll never need to use that information!

50. Lotsafreshair

Lotsafreshair is a bushwalking and hiking blog set up by a lady called Caro. She shares information about stunning multi-day hikes in Australia as well as shorter walks where her followers can reconnect with nature. Caro says that it doesn’t matter if you’re going on a short easy walk or thru-hiking for weeks at a time; both are equally valid. 

51. Fresh Off The Grid

Fresh Off The Grid is a wonderful website for outdoor cooking inspiration. It was created by the young couple Megan and Micheal, who love creating simple, delicious recipes that don’t require too many ingredients or tonnes of washing up. 

52. Outdoor Women’s Alliance

The Outdoor Women’s Alliance was created to build confidence, strengthen communities, and share stories. For a range of social reasons, many women draw away from outdoor sports in their teens. This blog supports women to get back into nature with inspirational and practical posts. Topics include, but are not limited to, camping and thru-hiking. 

53. Outdoor Photographer Blog

The majority of camping and nature lovers are passionate about photography too. If you’d like to stay up to date with stunning outdoor photography from around the world, then you should subscribe to the Outdoor Photographer Blog. Maybe you’d like to submit your own work into a competition there!

54. Wild Magazine

Wild Magazine has been a key voice in the Australian outdoors for more than 40 years. Unlike many outdoors companies, Wild does not use conservation as a marketing tool. It has actively fought for environmental protections for decades, and is a good resource for outdoors people with experience. 

55. Great Wild Outdoors

Great Wild Outdoors is brought to you by camping and nature lover Justin Rains. You’ll find some useful information for getting off the beaten track, including dealing with ticks and mosquitos and safety tips for camping at altitude. 

Best Overlanding Blogs 

56. Overland Discovery

The Overland Discovery blog comes to you from an overlanding vehicle renting company in Denver. If you head over to their blog, you’ll find some articles about getting started with rooftop camping, stunning day hike itineraries, and some of the best hot springs you can head to with your 4x4. 

57. Lifestyle Overland

Lifestyle Overland is the blog of a family of 3, who live and travel full-time with their overlanding setup. They want to educate and inspire others that want to venture away from civilization and experience a more adventurous lifestyle. 

58. The Road Chose Me

At The Road Chose Me, Dan shares his experiences of his 80 000 mile circumnavigation of Africa in his Jeep Wrangler. He also spent 22 months doing a 40 000 miles adventure from Alaska to Argentina, which you can find out more about on the blog. 

59. OutdoorX4

OutdoorX4 is an in-print magazine for fully independent vehicle based adventure. If you click on ‘magazine’ and then ‘articles’, you’ll find some fantastic blog posts, with jaw dropping images. There’s a drop-down category list, so it’s easy to refine for the kind of articles that you’re interested in. 

60. Expedition Portal

Expedition Portal is operated by a team of experienced overland adventurers. As well as the in-print magazine, the team manages The Overland Journal, a blog that features some of the best articles from previous years that can be enjoyed free of charge.  

Final Thoughts

All the blogs that I have recommended are managed by people that seem knowledgeable and genuine. You’ll find some inspiring stories, wonderful itineraries and insanely beautiful photos.

I hope you enjoy checking them out, and don’t hesitate to comment below with any other blog suggestions that you would like to share!

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