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Cooking with a camping stove

The market is filled with different camping fuel cylinders, but the blue Bernzomatic and the green camping gas or Coleman are two of the most popular options.

From a superficial view, there seems not to be a huge difference between these two. It appears that the Bernzomatic bottle is just a Coleman bottle painted blue.

However, there's more than meets the eye.

Shape and color aren't the only differences between Bernzomatic and Coleman. There're a lot more differences you should be careful about.

But first, let's look at the similarities between these two.

02/17/2024 09:42 am GMT

Similarities Between Bernzomatic and Coleman Propane

A striking similarity between these two is they come from the same family of propane heaters

In short, the contents aren't any different from that of a regular propane heater.

Construction-wise, both of these tanks are built with reliability and strength in mind. They sport an all-stainless- steel construction. It's a lightweight, tough, and decent-to-use material for any propane tank.

Regarding the fitting, both have similar fittings. It's an important attribute, considering that finding a burner with the right fit to your propane tank is challenging, especially when camping.

Of course, the operation mechanism of the fittings might vary a bit. But the nice thing is they're both compatible and come with universal fit hoses.

In fact, the Bernzomatic is compatible with Coleman stoves. However, you'll need an adapter for the connection.

The last similarity between these two is they all come with accessories such as adapters and regulators. These help control the amount of gas released when using them.

02/17/2024 09:42 am GMT

Differences Between Bernzomatic and Coleman

Some of the key differences you should know between both of these propane cylinders are:


A major difference is the size of the propane tank.

Bernzomatic has a slightly lesser volume at only 14.1 oz, compared to Coleman's 16 oz.

Does the difference matter?

It depends on your available storage location. Generally, Bernzomatic takes up less storage space, which might come in handy when you're trying to squeeze some space in your already-filled backpack.


The next difference lies in the dimension. Coleman cylinders are generally shorter, stout, and wider. On the other hand, Bernzomatic cylinders are taller and slimmer.

Based on the dimensions, you'll realize that Bernzomatic cylinders are built with portability in mind, thanks to their sleek design.

So, if you need a cylinder you can tag along with in your backpacking tours and not have a hassle stacking them, consider Bernzomatic.

The other main benefit of Bernzomatic cylinders is they're perfect for hand-held uses such as torches. The sleek shape is ergonomic, and you'll enjoy holding them longer without wearing them out.

Conversely, the Coleman tank is thick in volume and could pose a challenge for backpackers trekking outdoors.

But the nice thing about the stout design is it's less likely to top over, and this is a handy attribute, especially for stoves.


One thing I like about the Bernzomatic tank is that it comes with a blue fill window. It's a crucial feature that lets me see the remaining gas level.

Coleman doesn't have this feature on it.


Regarding the price, both models are priced similarly. There's not much difference between the two, but Coleman wins with hair. It comes out slightly cheaper.

But it's nothing much, and the best way to save on your propane cylinder purchase is to go with multi-packs instead of single buys.

Refill and Recycle

Backpackers are always refilling the propane cylinder, but it's something I would suggest you keep off. These propane cylinders aren't designed for refills.

It's a potential safety threat and may even lead to a collision course with the law.

The good thing is these cylinders are cheap and won't cost much to restock.

The main concern should be on how to dispose of them properly. It's not challenging, either. Simply empty the cylinder by running it until the flame goes off, and then bring them to a recycler.

Wrap Up

Both Bernzomatic and Coleman are awesome propane cylinders. 

However, they've their share of pros and cons, and these differences should inspire you on what option to choose and what is best for your needs.

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